Monday, 19. March 2018
  • CPI(M) on Maharashtra Kisan Struggle and Tripura Elections

    The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on March 16 & 17, 2018. IT has issued the following statement:

    Maharashtra Kisan Struggle

    The Polit Bureau congratulated the kisans of Maharashtra for the success that they achieved in their struggle for the implementation of the Forest Rights Act, remunerative prices and pension; loan waiver for the indebted farmers etc.


  • CP of India Welcomes TDP Stand

    Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary CPI has issued the following statement:

    CPI has decided to support the no-confidence motion in Parliament against the RSS-BJP led NDA government of Narendra Modi, as it failed to keep up its promise of special status to Andhra Pradesh.


  • CP of India Congratulates Gorakhpur, Phulpur and Araria

    Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary CPI has issued the following statement:

    Communist Party of India welcomes the judgement of the people of Gorakhpur, Phulpur (UP) and Araria (Bihar) in giving a crushing defeat to BJP after its defeat in Rajasthan.

    Both the trends are clear. The drastic reduction of BJP vote is the reflection of the disillusionment of people caused by its pro-corporate, anti-peoples policies and its miserable failure to fulfill its promises to bring back black money, provide employment and control prices. The communal divide will not always pay. The unity of secular forces will lead to further isolation and defeat of communal BJP.


  • 'Tories trying to switch agenda', CP insists

    Rather, they prefer to whip up 'nationalist hysteria' against a foreign enemy in which anyone who questions attacks on Russia or challenges higher British spending on armaments will be accused of treachery.

    'This was the trap set for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party leadership and then supported by right-wing Labour MPs', Mr Foster accused.

    But the Labour leader had been right to insist that the British government should provide 'clear evidence' for its claims of Russian involvement in the Salisbury attack on a former spy and his daughter.


  • Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Expulsion of African Asylum Seekers; Children March in T-A

    One thousand protesters, mainly children, staged a solidarity rally in central Tel Aviv on Friday, March 16, with African refugees and asylum seekers who are slated to be deported by the far-right government in the coming weeks to Uganda or Rwanda.

    The demonstration “Children and Youth against Deportation”—began at Habima Square from where the children made their way to Sderot Chen and convened in Rabin Square. At the end of the march, the famous Israeli musician, Aviv Geffen performed at together with a band from the Bialik Rogozin High School in south Tel Aviv where many of the children of refugees and asylum seekers learn.


  • Joint List Votes against Israel’s Militarized & Neo-Liberal Budget

    The Joint List has rejected the government’s proposed general state budget for 2019. During a plenum debate in the Knesset Communist MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Hadash – Joint List) argued that the budget prepared by the government is designed to reinforce the occupation, intensify settlement construction, deepen discrimination and prejudice against the state’s Arab citizens, and widen the gaps in the distribution of public resources.


  • TKP: 'Shut down US military bases, break ties with NATO!'

    Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) launches anti-NATO petition campaign demanding shutting down the İncirlik base and the rest of the US military bases, breaking ties with NATO.

    soLnews portal reported that the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has started a petition campaign against the NATO, calling people to the anti-imperialist struggle on the ranks of those who can fight imperialism sincerely.


  • SIPRI Ranks Israel as the World’s Fifth Largest Arms Supplier

    According to the updated data of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Israel is the fifth largest arms supplier in the world with $1.26 billion of sales last year, following the US, Russia, France and Germany. India is by far Israel’s largest weapons market, having bought $715 million worth of weaponry in 2017, down slightly from the $767 million that it bought in 2016.

    This represents a whopping 650% increase in arms sales by Israel to India over the last decade.


  • Tyulkin from RCWP: 'Bluff of President Putin'

    Interview with Viktor Tyulkin from the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP) on Russian elections and Putin.

    In an interview with 1st Secretary ROT Front of the Russian Communist Workers' Party, Central Committee member Viktor Tyulkin answered questions on the Russian elections and called Putin’s power play as a ‘bluff’. The interview was issued on 6 March on the official website of RCWP.


  • CP of Slovakia on the current protests in Slovakia

    The Communist Party of Slovakia (KSS) evaluates the political situation following the murder of journalist Kuciak in Slovakia.

    After the destabilisation of the Slovakian political scene and mass protests following the murder of journalist Jana Kuciak and his partner, the Communist Party of Slovakia issued statements analysing the current situtation.


  • Communists in Brazil condemn assassination of Marielle Franco

    Communists in Brazil vehemently condemn brutal murder of socialist Councilwoman Marielle Franco struggling for women's rights and against police brutality.

    Councilwoman Marielle Franco from the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) and driver Anderson Pedro Gomes were assassinated on March 14 in Rio de Janeiro. Marielle Franco was known for the struggle for women’s rights and against police brutality.

    She was the president of the women's rights committee of the City Council of Rio. The armed assault that took place on Wednesday night killed Marielle and her driver while an advisor, Fernanda Chaves, survived the attack and was hospitalized.


  • Continuous attacks against the Sudanese Communist Party

    Sudanese Communist Party suffers from continuous attacks towards its cadres. Recently two comrades, Fathi Elfadl and Taj Alsir Othman Babu, were arrested by the security forces.

    Sudan has witnessed mass demonstrations against the regime's economic policy resulting in serious deterioration in people's living conditions. While the Party calls for the strengthening of the building of people's resistance committees for mass actions across various sectors in workplaces, residential areas, schools, universities among workers, farmers, youngsters, women and students, Sudanese regime continues to target cadres of the Sudanese Communist Party.


  • DKP Congress: Open Debate, Joint Action

    dkp logo neuAfter a successfully completed 22nd Congress, the German Communist Party announces its campaign for peace and disarmament against NATO.

    The German Communist Party (DKP) successfully completed its 22nd Party Congress on 4th of March, with a newly elected board, including Patrik Köbele as the re-elected President of DKP.

    As Germany is aggressively planning to increase its military expenditure to maintain its position within NATO, the DKP will target the armament plans and will focus on an anti-NATO campaign with the aim of collecting 30.000 signatures, under the motto “Disarm, no further arming”, in the upcoming six months, to be finally declared at the UZ (Unsere Zeit- the central newspaper of DKP) Festival in September, in Dortmund. According to surveys, majority of German people are also against the increase of armament. 


  • Communist Youths in solidarity with Palestinian people

    40 Communist Youth Organisations released a joint call for solidarity with Palestinian people, on March 12.

    In respect to the Israeli Apartheid Week, 40 Communist Youth Organisations from all around the world issued a joint call for common action and solidarity with Palestinian people. The joint call condemns the ongoing crimes of US-NATO-Israel against Palestinian people and welcomes "the thousands of Palestinian youth who fight courageously against the barbarity of the Israeli state for something obvious, their right to live in their home country without foreign oppressors."


  • “Democracy” Omitted from Nation-State Bill Okayed for Knesset Vote

    A special joint meeting of the Knesset’s House Committee and its Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved on Tuesday, March 13, a version of a bill for the first of three readings before the country’s legislature that would enshrine Israel as “the national home of the Jewish people” as a new Basic Law having constitutional status: “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People.

    ” In the approved version to be sent to the Knesset for a vote, the word “democracy” does not appear. The bill also includes a clause allowing the establishment of residential communities exclusively for Jews.


  • Ministers Rebuked for Calling Joint List MKs “Traitors” & “Terrorists”

    The Knesset Ethics Committee reprimanded two cabinet ministers on Monday, March 12, for branding lawmakers from the Joint List “terrorists” and “traitors.” The committee also acknowledged that the Joint List MKs had breached protocol when they disrupted US Vice President Mike Pence’s speech to the Knesset on January 22. MKs from the Joint List held up signs reading “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” during Pence’s speech to the Knesset.


  • Indian farmers march to victory

    Photo: Alka Chupkar, using One Plus. Courtesy of Communist Party of India (Marxist)Photo: Alka Chupkar, using One Plus. Courtesy of Communist Party of India (Marxist)

    Like their counterparts around the world, farmers in the Indian state of Maharashtra face low crop prices and heavy debt burdens, and a precarious livelihood.  Fed up with the right-wing BJP government’s failure to keep its promises, a group of 50,000 farmers organized by the All India Kisan Sabha, or Peasants’ Union, marched over 100 miles to gather in Mumbai, the state capital.


  • PRC: »We must not only condemn the nature of Imperialism but also impose respect for national sovereignty«

    Revolutionary Communist Party (PRC) from France published its International Bulletin releasing two statements denouncing Israel State for repressions  against Palestine and the military interventions in Syria.

    The PRC, underlined the clear objectives of the Israel State of colonizing the Palestine and denounces "its harsh and murderous repression against all those who defy it."  The statement of PRC  blamed the Israeli state of having no respect to legal rights by, pointing the prisoned the minors, like Ahed Tamini and reminding Salah Amouri, a French Palestinian , case who was held without trial for five months.


  • EU Concerned by Israeli Law That Can Revoke J’slm Residency Status

    Last week, the Knesset passed new legislation which empowers the Israeli Minister of Interior to revoke the permanent residency status of persons allegedly involved in “terrorism, treason or espionage.”

    In response to the passage of the new Israeli law, the European Union issued a statement last weekend expressing its grave concern, parts of which are reproduced below:

    “The European Union rejects terrorism in all its forms, and the crimes set out in this legislation are very serious. However, the new law could make the residency status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, a protected population under International Humanitarian Law, even more precarious than it already is today. The new law could be used to further compromise the Palestinian presence in East Jerusalem, which would further undermine the prospects of a two-state solution.”


  • Joint Call of Communist Youth Organizations for the Day of Common Action and of Solidarity towards the Palestinian People

    comunistaWe denounce to the young people, to the peoples of the entire world, the ongoing crime of US-NATO-Israel against the Palestinian people. The US decision to declare Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel” and to relocate there their embassy from Tel Aviv, as well as the EU’s unchanging stance, which equates the “perpetrator” with the “victim”, paves the way for a new imperialist crime.

    This provocative action by the US government is not a casual act, but it is part of the general intervention plans of the US in the region of Middle East aiming to secure their interests. The aim is to cancel the solution of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as capital, for what the Palestinian people have struggled and shed their blood for so many years. In that way, intervention is taking place, and developments in favour of USA and its allies are being prepared concerning the in the uncertain situation that is formed in the Middle East, especially after the defeat of the “Islamic State” in Syria, while taking into account the context of fierce competition that takes place in the region.


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