Tuesday, 22. January 2019
  • Hundreds Protest New Evictions in Occupied East Jerusalem

    Hundreds of Israeli peace activists, among them members of Hadash, marched from central West Jerusalem to Sheikh Jarrah, a Palestinian neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, on Friday, January 18, in solidarity with the families there who Israeli authorities want to evict.


  • The Empire of Gender

    For most, it’s rare that modern discussions of gender extend beyond screenshotted tumblr posts and miseducated arguments over gender, sex and their differences – but debating human identities is far from anything new. Like all western social norms, ‘gender’ stems from economic relationships with land, wealth and privilege. Your favourite youtuber may have helped remind you to put compassion before tradition, but without an understanding of the reasons gender norms exist, we as a species can never defeat hundreds of years of gender oppression. The 15th Century brought about the Age of Discovery for some, and the Age of Colonisation for most. European countries embarked on great expeditions to claim land for their own, even though most were already inhabited, thus came friction. How Europeans went about destabilising already established societies has left a lasting impact today, especially in the destruction of social structures and their relation to land.


  • UN Agency: Humanitarian Ops Are Being Undermined by Israeli Gov’t

    Attempts to delegitimize humanitarian and human rights organizations operating in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly non-governmental organizations (NGOs), have been on the rise in recent years and are being advanced by Israeli governmental and right-wing civil society groups, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the occupied Palestinian territory said in a report published on Wednesday, January 16.


  • Druze Community Leads Drive to Amend Racist Nation-State Law

    The Arab Druze community in Israel launched a campaign to amend the Nation-State law in a rally held on Monday, January 14, calling for the legislation to be amended to eliminate its discriminatory nature. The renewed campaign began with Druze activists leading a procession in Rosh al-Ayn, in the center of the country, on Monday, to outside the home of Benny Gantz, former Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli military and leader of the Israel Resilience Party.


  • João Ferreira to head the CDU list for European Parliament elections

    The electoral alliance Unitary Democratic Coalition backed by the Portuguese CP will to try to keep its three seats in the EU Parliament.

    On January 17th, hundreds of people attended the public meeting organized at the Capitólio theatre in Lisbon by the electoral alliance Unitary Democratic Coalition (CDU), backed by the Portuguese Communist Party.


  • Hadash Launches Electoral Campaign for 21st Knesset

    Last weekend, Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, the electoral front headed by the Communist Party of Israel) launched its campaign for the upcoming April 9th general elections for the 21st Knesset. Preparatory meetings were held last week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Nazareth.


  • Britain's Communists call for general election and Labour-led Brexit

    Communist Party General Secretary Robert Griffiths issued the following statement today (January 15) after MPs voted by 432 to 202 against the Tory government's Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU:

    Today's Commons debate and vote indicate that many MPs have no intention of allowing any kind of Brexit, not even the bogus Brexit on offer from the Tory Cabinet and the EU.

    Prime Minister May, Chancellor Hammond, many MPs and the EU Commission share one overriding objective, namely, to keep Britain tied to EU Single Market and Customs Union rules. These would greatly obstruct many of the left and progressive policies of a future left-led Labour government.


  • International Appeal for Solidarity with the Struggle of the Sudanese People

    comunistaWe, the undersigned communist and workers parties, express our support for and solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people against the dictatorial regime, for democracy and social progress.

    Since the beginning of the mass peaceful demonstrations that swept the country the dictatorial regime has unleashed its repressive machine, using excessive force, killing over 40 protesters, injuring hundreds and detaining over one thousand people, including leading opposition figures and activists, Communists and democrats. Furthermore, it directed its violent repressive actions against students, women, activists, professionals and journalists.


  • CPI Congratulates Working Class on Successful Strike

    comunistaThe National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement congratulating the Indian working class on its two-day all India strike:

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India congratulates the working class and the ten central trade unions on their success in making the two-day all India strike a grand success. The Party notes that the success was in fact a big blow to the anti-people and anti-worker policies of the RSS-controlled BJP government led by Narendra Modi. Over 20 crore workers and employees have taken part in the strike.


  • Israel Opens New “Apartheid Road” Separating Palestinians and Settlers

    Israel opened a new “Apartheid Road” on Wednesday, January 9, separating Palestinians and settlers in the occupied West Bank.  After a delay of years, Route 4370 in the Jerusalem area has been completed and made accessible to traffic. The road connects the settlement of Geva Binyamin to Route 1, the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, and is the first link in the establishment of the Eastern Ring Road on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Its opening represents yet another step in the progress of the E1 project to link the urban settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim with Jerusalem from the east.


  • Sudanese CP spokesman Fathi Alfadl arrested by the regime’s security forces

    Sudanese CP ArabicComrade Fathi Alfadl, member of the Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party and its official spokesman, was arrested this morning in Khartoum by the security forces of the dictatorial regime. There is deep concern for his safety and health.

    In an escalation of the regime’s repressive campaign, as mass demonstrations continue since the popular uprising began on 19th December 2018, scores of communists and democratic activists were arrested today.


  • Does Tucker Carlson’s class politics raise any red flags?

    What are we to make of Tucker Carlson’s recent denunciation of free market fundamentalism in a diatribe against Mitt Romney? Has he gone from rallying red state voters to waving the red flag?

    Defending the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Carlson accurately points out how “for generations, Republicans have considered it their duty to make the world safe for banking, while simultaneously prosecuting ever more foreign wars.” He blasts conservatives and liberals for failing to understand that “culture and economics are inseparably intertwined.”  He questions the racist myth of a “culture of poverty” in inner cities, pointing out that conservative-dominated rural America “looks a lot like Detroit.”  He calls out our “mercenary” leaders and says, provocatively, “If you care about America, you ought to oppose the exploitation of Americans, whether it’s happening in the inner city or on Wall Street.”  He even sneaks in a call for shifting the tax burden off the working class by raising taxes on the rich, and especially on capital gains.


  • Solidarity with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese CP!

    Communist and workers’ parties issued a common solidarity statement for the Sudanese CP, while the spokesman of the Sudanese CP, Fathi Afadl was arrested yesterday.

    The appeal for the intensification of international solidarity with the Sudanese CP was responded by communist and workers’ parties yesterday. On the same day, the official spokesman of the CP Fathi Alfadl was arrested by the security forces of the regime.

    On January 2, the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Sudanese CP had issued a statement on the popular uprising against the regime in Sudan. Thousands had marched on New Year’s Eve through the capital Khartoum chanting "The people want to overthrow the regime", "Freedom, Justice, the revolution is the people’s choice". The march was called by the Professional Alliance of trade unions, marked the 14th day of continued mass protest actions against the dictatorial regime.


  • MK Tibi’s Party Leaves Joint List

    MK Ahmad Tibi announced Tuesday, January 8, that he is withdrawing his single-MK-party Ta’al (Arab Movement for Renewal) from the Joint List ahead of the April 9 election, and that his party will be running independently. It is unclear whether Tibi’s party can pass the electoral threshold of 3.25 percent on its own.

    “I request the Knesset House Committee’s approval to withdraw Ta’al from the Joint List,” Tibi wrote in a statement ahead of a meeting of the committee scheduled for Wednesday, January 9. In that meeting the committee members approved Tibi’s request.


  • Long live Cuban Revolution!

    Solidarity messages of the Communist Parties all around the World on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

    CP USA, Greetings and an Appreciation of the Cuban Revolution, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary

    On January 1, 2019, the Cuban people will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of your revolutionary triumph.  Millions of struggling people around the world, including in our own country, the United States, will celebrate with you...

    In spite of all difficulties, Cuba’s revolutionary government played an enormous role in the people’s struggles far beyond its borders.  National liberation movements all over the world were inspired and invigorated by the Cuban example. Above all, the Cuban role, lasting over several decades, in the ending the fascist apartheid regime in South Africa was a gift of the Cuban Revolution not only to the South African people, but to all of Africa and to humanity.
    When, at the end of the 1980s, and culminating in 1991, the socialist governments of the USSR and the other Eastern European states collapsed, Cuba was plunged into another dangerous crisis.  By the creative response of the Cuban government, party and people during the “Special Period”, Cuba was able to overcome the new danger.


  • Racist Nation-State Law likewise Discriminates against Mizrahi Jews

    Over 50 prominent Israeli Jews of Mizrahi (Eastern) origin filed a petition with the Supreme Court last week demanding it strike down the racist Nation-State Law, claiming that it discriminates against both Jewish Mizrahi and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel. When the Court holds its first session to discuss the several petitions that have been submitted against the law on January 28, a mass Arab-Jewish demonstration will be held in Jerusalem.


  • Palestinian Left-Wing Factions Forge New Democratic Alliance

    In Ramallah and Gaza City, five left-wing Palestinian factions have announced the formation of a united front named the Palestinian Democratic Alliance. The alliance was formed with the culmination of meetings between the constituent organizations that commenced in August 2016.

    According to last Friday’s weekend edition of Al-Ittihad, the daily newspaper of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI), the alliance was formed to serve as a political body capable of putting an end to both the Palestinian division and the political dominance of the two main political movements, Fatah and Hamas.


  • CYM General Secretary’s New Year Address


    A new year is on the horizon and as we prepare to celebrate, the Connolly Youth Movement sends you, your friends and family members our warm wishes and regards. We hope that you have good health and prosperity in the New Year, that your undertakings are successful and hard work yields fruit but most importantly, we hope you bring fresh energy and vigour to the struggle against capitalism and its lackeys in the year of 2019.


  • The Problem of Rainbow Capitalism

    Pink capitalism refers to the marketisation of LGBT+ culture and the exploitation of the LGBT+ demographic by capitalist businesses for the purpose of a profit rather than for the authentic motive of altruistic care for the LGBT+ community. In recent years we have seen an increase in businesses coming out as ‘Pro-LGBT+’. While this is a good thing and does serve to help normalise our community, is it out of a genuine commitment to progressive political goals and idealistic concern for the welfare of the LGBT+ community?


  • Sudanese CP: Appeal for intensification of International Solidarity

    sudanese cpKhartoum, 2 January 2019

    - Thousands have marched on New Year’s Eve through the capital Khartoum chanting "The people want to overthrow the regime", "Freedom, Justice, the revolution is the people’s choice". The march called by the Professional Alliance of trade unions, marked the 14th day of continued mass protest actions against the dictatorial regime. The peaceful march was met with excessive force by the security forces with live ammunition. Reports speak of five dead and scores were injured as snipers targeted protesters from the rooftops. Arrests included two leaders of the Professional Alliance, and the chairman of the United Unionist Party.


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