02 | 04 | 2020
  • 73 Communist & Workers Parties Demand Immediate Measures to Protect Peoples’ Health and Rights

    comunistaSeventy-three Communist and Workers Parties from around the world have issued a joint statement on the global situation created in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Initiated by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the signatory CPs express their support for both medical personnel and those suffering from the disease and denounce the huge shortages of equipment and staff in the public health sector resulting from years of anti-popular policies adopted by governments in the service of the capital, namely the commercializing and privatizing of health services to support the profitability of monopolistic groups.


  • Virus crisis requires global, people-oriented solutions

    The coronavirus pandemic has precipitated one of the biggest crises in the United States in a century. It is a health-care, economic, and political crisis. The numbers of reported cases here have quickly surpassed other countries, and the crisis is still in its early stages. Staying at home, in order to flatten the curve, has become a national imperative.


  • The struggle of our lives: Coronavirus and capitalist crisis

    In a new and dangerous twist to the coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump is now calling for an end to social distancing, perhaps as early as Easter. His goal is to restart the economy and avoid the worst impact of the coming recession.

    Can you imagine: Trump in the crudest and most callous possible way is attempting to solve the crisis on the backs of our working class and people. It wasn’t enough that the administration ignored each and every warning from the scientific community and called it a hoax and a scam. It wasn’t enough that they are using the crisis to turn immigrants back at the border and bust unions.


  • It will be alright: The COVID-19 crisis in Italy

    Italy has been especially hard hit by COVID-19. Maddalena Celano talks about the political and economic consequences of the virus crisis.

    CPUSA: How are you and your family doing?

    Maddalena Celano: #andràtuttobene [it will be alright] is the hashtag full of courage and positivity that Italians are spreading on the web. Meanwhile, the coronavirus has changed everyone’s life, both infected and uninfected people. For Italians, in particular, quarantine is bad due to the fact that it is changing our lifestyle, but the same will happen to everybody else. Complaints and intolerance are growing bolder nowadays, above all after the latest government decrees. Even healthy people are venting on social networks, and they still sometimes underestimate the emergency and the danger of going out. They think it is a situation of deprivation and not a way to protect public health: “This is not life, they are depriving us of freedom”; “I can’t stay at home, I’ll get arrested”; “clubs are closed and there is no entertainment; it is certainly a scheme to destroy Italy and our economy.” In fact, conspiracy theorists invade Facebook, where many . . . “scholars” elaborate theories without a having clear idea of what is going on. For many this is a new war to be desperately fought from home, comfortably lying on the couch; a sacrifice that Italians make with much difficulty and despair. Even today, despite the harrowing numbers of infected patients, there are people who don’t give a damn about others and take risks by leaving their homes for no good reason. “It is just a flu,” or “but it’s not here yet,” when so many people are dying or are placed in intensive care. They would need to strongly consider that beds in intensive care are becoming scarce, especially in northern Italy, where we live the most difficult situation. At the moment, the rest of the nation, in particular southern Italy, fears the worst for its economic health.


  • Communists condemn neoliberalism's 'deadly damage' to emergency defences

    'Ten years of neoliberal economic and financial policies have done deadly damage to our defences against health and other public emergencies', the Communist Party declared on Wednesday evening (March 25).

    Reporting to an online meeting of the party's Political Committee, General Secretary Robert Griffiths attacked the past ten years of spending cuts, tax relief for the rich and big business and the outsourcing and privatisation of public services. 'Almost every capitalist government is now compelled to use methods deployed so effectively by the Chinese authorities to counter the Covid-19 virus, based on state intervention, planning and control of essential industries and services', Mr Griffiths pointed out.


  • Response to COVID-19 crisis: Ideology makes a difference

    The economic and political structure of capitalism requires “an ideology, a consciousness, a way in which the citizenry can be taught to accept the system as it is. This ideology has many branches but one root, the maintenance and enhancement of the capitalist economic system. The elements of the dominant political ideology include: privileging individualism over community; conceptualizing society as a brutal state of nature controlled only by countervailing force; acceptance of the idea that humans are at base greedy; and, finally, the belief that the avariciousness of human nature requires police force and laws at home and armies overseas” (Harry Targ, Heartland Radical).

    The Cuban Alternative

    The March 21–22 webinar “International Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations” presented panelists who discussed the status of United States/Cuban relations, the contemporary Cuban economy, US and Canadian solidarity movements with Cuba, and the consequences of Cuban medical advances for the fight against the corona virus domestically and internationally.


  • A Red Response to COVID-19

    AH, Baile Átha Cliath

    The role of the state in a crisis, as sold to us by some begging liberals, is to maintain a form of vague idea of ‘social partnership’, which is usually determined by the interests of free markets and maintaining fiscal stability of the fictitious capital that pervades the stock market. COVID-19 is shining a spotlight on the operating nature of the Leinster and Stormont administrations, their ineptitude at handling a crisis. It has opened up a troubling insight into how the many years and decades of ruthless austerity have left our public services unable to cope, even outside of times of crisis.


  • The Communist Party of Spain in light of the course of the coronavirus pandemic

    pce mit stern1st - We call on the entire population to strictly follow the instructions of the health and government authorities. Serenity, responsibility and solidarity in the face of difficulties.

    We underline the irresponsibility that comes from acts of hoarding, improper use of health or social services, and spread of fake news and information without an official source.

    2nd - Regarding the economic and social consequences of the pandemic, we support all the measures adopted by the Government to protect our people at a social and economic level, especially the most underprivileged sectors that will suffer the most from the economic emergency.

    The PCE will suggest the Government of Spain all the measures it deems necessary at each stage to further protect the working class and popular sectors. We remain at the disposal of social organizations and initiatives that want to send us suggestions for that purpose.


  • CPRF calls for joint actions against persecution of the Communists of Poland!

    Early in March, operating in line with international communist solidarity the CPRF branches in Moscow and Kaliningrad picketed local Polish diplomatic missions in support of the Communist Party of Poland.

    Headed by Denis Parfenov, State Duma Parliamentarian and Yuri Dashkov, Chairman of the Interregional Trade Union of Public Transport Workers, Moscow communists and workers demanded an immediate stop of political persecution of the CPP members, accused in “propagating Communist ideology”.

    Orators stressed that political bullying, initiated by the Polish authorities along with demolition of Soviet monuments for liberators of Poland, in combination with anti-Communism and anti – Russian sentiment backed with official statements, finally had resulted in a policy of severe repressions against opposition and CPP in particular.


  • Capitalism and Our Health: Part 1


    Capitalism and health make for strange bed-fellows. Terms associated with health usually revolve around those of moderation and balance or attempts at finding harmony between an arrangement of variables. As an economic system capitalism has instead committed itself to constructing an environment dominated by a class that is obsessed with extraction and growth, the scale of which has now surpassed anything that can be called sustainable. It has left us with a society which hardly resembles anything that can be called healthy. The individuals who make up our societies, their perception of themselves, the foods they consume and how they view this metabolic connection to nature not only all contribute to public health, but also the public’s ability and desire to make better choices. It is this fact or rather this relationship between man, nature and society that is exploited so key industries can be kept intact. Healthcare, or the Health industry, has become a trap in many ways and represents  a grotesque contradiction. The public is simply preyed upon for the benefit of a collection of companies in a space where transparency is essentially non-existent.


  • International Women’s Day Event by Hadash, Last Night in Tel Aviv

    Last night, Saturday March 7, on the eve of today’s International Women’s Day, Hadash held a public event in south Tel Aviv “spearheaded by the brave women who were workers’ struggle leaders in the past year and dare to stand up to injustice and against discrimination and who demand respect, recognition and equality for women.”


  • If Coronavirus Was to Wipe Us Out, We’d Probably Never See It Coming

    AOC, Dublin

    In 1998, a British ex-physician published a piece linking the MMR vaccine with autism, he was proven wrong by numerous studies since and found guilty of scientific fraud. Also in the late 90s, the manufacturers of all-natural personal care products began rumours of a popular shampoo foaming agent causing cancer, this was debunked long after they made their money. US Vice president, Joe Biden, advised citizens to avoid confined spaces, such as airplanes, during the 2009 swine flu pandemic – although even the World Health Organisation had to admit that ordinary flu strains caused more deaths in the same year. Currently, West Africa is experiencing its second biggest Ebola epidemic, yet it was the 2014 outbreak, with the help of numerous misleading books and media spin, that saw schools closed across the US, sick people quarantined and ‘Ebola’ shouted at African sports people. Only a handful of cases were ever reported in the US. So, as Coronavirus (COVID-19) touches down in Ireland in the middle of flu season, it’s time for another round of hysteria.


  • Rising waves of refugees cannot be faced with repression but with disobedience to the Euro-Atlantic plans

    The Press Office of the CC of KKE, by its successive statements during the past days, highlights among other things:

    "Rising waves of refugees cannot be faced with repression but with disobedience to the Euro-Atlantic plans

    Turkey's invasion in northern Syria with the support of NATO, the US and the EU, as well as the escalation of military confrontation with Syria and Russia, not only increase the risk of a more general war in the region, but also the waves of uprooted refugees.


  • Address to the 23rd Congress of the German Communist Party

    Robert Griffiths, General Secretary, Communist Party of Britain

    "Dear Comrades,

    Greetings from the Executive Committee and members of the Communist Party of Britain, now happy to be outside the European Union. Our party has always opposed the monopoly capitalist European Union and its forerunners, all of which have their origins in the Cold War and the need to rebuild state-monopoly capitalism in Western Europe. In the 2016 referendum, we campaigned alongside the majority of the Marxist left in Britain to leave the European Union (which is not Europe - much though the EU Commission wants us to believe they are one and the same). Make no mistake, comrades, the result of that referendum - in favour of 'Brexit' - was a major defeat for the British ruling class.


  • Hadash MK Calls for Voters to Beat Netanyahu by Voting for Joint List

    Hadash MK Youssef Jabareen has called for Arabs and democratic Jews in Israel to beat far-right Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by voting for the Joint List, Arabi21 has reported. Jabareen called on these citizens to punish Israel’s longest serving prime minister by preventing him from continuing his reign in power.

    Speaking to Al-Arab TV, MK Jabareen said that the Arab-Palestinian community in Israel “has an opportunity to achieve a great victory” by enabling the Joint List to win as many as 16 seats in the 23rd Knesset. (The list currently has 13 MKs.)


  • Masses of Left-Wing Jewish-Israeli Voters Swinging to the Joint List

    Increased numbers of left-wing Jewish Israelis are planning to vote for the Joint List in the upcoming Israeli election, Haaretz has reported. Many of these voters are casting off Zionist center leftist parties like Meretz and Labor in favor of the coalition of Hadash and the Arab parties. This swing may lead the Joint List to gain up to two seats in the Knesset in the March 2 general elections. According to several polls, the Joint List will gain at least one more seat this time around, raising its number of MKs to 14 and possibly even 15. That would make it the largest opposition grouping in the Israeli parliament if a Zionist “unity government” were to be formed.


  • CP urges left to advance not retreat

    The left in the Labour Party and trade unions must stop retreating, according to Britain's Communists.

    Reporting to the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening (February 12), the party's trade union organiser Andy Bain said the Labour leadership contests had so far been a 'dispiriting fiasco'.

    'Too many candidates are capitulating to the witch-hunting demands of outside bodies that feminists and supporters of Palestinian rights should be silenced if not driven out of the Labour Party altogether', Mr Bain charged. 'This comes on top of the willingness of most of Labour's possible leaders and deputy leaders to press the nuclear button and cause millions of civilian deaths instead resolving the cause of the conflict', he added.


  • The European Union’s Campaign to Rewrite History

    The European Union, a collection of states bound together by currency, foreign policy and a military alliance, has its foundations in the Western European bloc built via the US’ Marshall Fund and rabid anti-USSR rhetoric. France and Germany came together to found an economic alliance in steel and coal. This rapidly expanded into an ‘economic community’ and then spread across many other Western countries, with accession in 1972 capturing Ireland. We, the Connolly Youth Movement along with much of the principled left of the time campaigned against accession into the EEC, warning that it would be a fatal error and undermine the sovereignty of Ireland. Not only were we proven right but the European Union and the institutions that stem from it, such as the Commission, have intensified efforts to discredit the EU’s only real formidable opposition. We have to ask ourselves why? The answer is rather straightforward. Western Europe was strengthened to withstand the onslaught of Socialism from the East, to assuage the working classes and undermine their ability to organise, to provide breadcrumbs in the form of social welfare and a temporarily increased portion of the wealth that European workers create.


  • Ayman Odeh Condemns Jerusalem Shooting Attack by Arab from Haifa

    Hadash MK Ayman Odeh, head of the Joint List bloc in the Knesset, denounced on Thursday, February 6, a shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City perpetrated a few hours earlier by an Arab citizen of Israel from Haifa. “We strongly condemn this shooting,” Odeh, said in a statement. “It is unacceptable for an Israeli citizen to use a weapon. The Arab citizens of the state have opted for a just civil and democratic struggle to end the occupation and to achieve peace and equality. We will not accept any other way.”


  • Odeh: “PM Hates Arabs More than He Loves Cigars and Champagne”

    Chairman of the Joint List, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash), strongly condemned far-right Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following the report in Haaretz on Wednesday, February 6, that it was Netanyahu who initially proposed transferring the Arab communities of the “Triangle Region” in northern Israel to “Palestinian” control, and his proposal became part of the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century.”


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