Thursday, 19. January 2017
  • German Communist Party mourns the death of Herbert Mies

    German Communist Party»With Herbert Mies, I lost a friend and political father. The German Communist Party lost a working class politician of the working class who has shaped it for decades. German imperialism lost an opponent who has shown the way to resist this system«, Patrik Köbele, Chairman of the German Communist Party (DKP), said on Monday. »The DKP, led by Herbert Mies, was a party that was both on the side of the German Democratic Republic and a driving force in the West German peace movement.

    It was a party that could win intellectuals and artists because it focused on factories and in the workers' living quarters. It was a Marxist-Leninist party, that was in contact to the masses of the working class. This is the road of todays DKP - Herbert Mies is a model for us,« Köbele noted.

  • AKEL on developments surrounding the Cyprus problem after Geneva

    AKELStatement by Stefanos Stefanou, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson

    With regards the results of Geneva and the ongoing developments on the Cyprus problem, as a first reaction we note the following:

    The fact that both sides simultaneously submitted maps for the first time is positive. Regardless of the fact that the Turkish Cypriot proposal is not satisfactory, the tabling of maps creates the preconditions for a concrete negotiation and the achievement of an agreement on the territorial issue.

  • Student leaders under threat from Mswati thugs

    comunistaThe Communist Party of Swaziland is deeply concerned for the safety of two of members of the Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS) who are being targeted by the security police after attending a CPS summer school, held over the holidays in South Africa.

  • Syrian Communist Party (Unified): Syria facing »barbarous imperialist aggression«

    Syrian Communist Party (Unified)The following statement addressed to the member parties of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties was issued by the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) on Dec. 7, prior to the full liberation of Aleppo but as it became clear that the opposition would be defeated.

    Dear comrades:

    As is well known, our party, along with other progressive and patriotic parties of Syria, is struggling against what is nowadays considered one of most barbarous imperialist aggressions of the period since World War Two, a struggle against the most extremist and fundamentalist radical movements of this century like al-Nusra Front, ISIS and al-Qaeda which have been condemned internationally.

  • Parliament and the President boldly and wittingly violate the constitutional rights of citizens of Ukraine

    At the end of November this year, according to the provisions of the current Constitution, citizens Petro Symonenko, Vasiliy Sirenko and Georgy Kryuchkov appealed to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine for compliance of the Law of Ukraine "On conviction and national-communist socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of their propaganda symbols" of April 9, 2015 № 317-VIII (decommunization Law) with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality).

  • Communist Party, Turkey: »We condemn the dark attacks«

    Communist Party, TurkeyA twin bomb attack outside a soccer stadium in the Turkish city of İstanbul on December 10. The first and larger explosion took place about 10:30 less than two hours after a match had finished on Saturday evening. Officials gave no immediate details on the nature of the second explosion, which sounded like it came from the same area. The Communist Party, Turkey (KP) released a statement condemning the attack. The full statement is as follows:

  • Solidarity with the communists and people of Sudan

    The KKE denounces the anti-people measures that the government of Sudan has taken in coordination with the IMF, which even further worsen the position of the working class and the poor popular strata of the country.

  • How we can maximise the communist contribution to the class struggle

    Communist Party of Britain THE world is entering its most dangerous phase since imperialism proclaimed eternal victory over the Soviet Union and socialism in the early 1990s.

    People everywhere were promised a New World Order of peace, disarmament, democracy and social justice. Instead, capitalism’s general crisis has reasserted itself in two decades of war, genocide, repression, mass migration, economic and financial crisis, global warming and environmental degradation.
    Through Nato and the European Union, imperialism has extended its operations across Europe, much of the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • AKEL on developments surrounding the Cyprus problem

    In the light of the recent developments and critical phase the negotiation procedure on the Cyprus problem is going through, the plenary of the Central Committee of AKEL convened today, which unanimously approved this statement. During the session, the Central Committee of AKEL discussed developments as they are evolving so far, taking into account that a formal and comprehensive briefing of the political party leaders by the President of the Republic is imminent.

  • Pope Francis: »It is the communists who think like Christians«

    Vatican CityThe chief commander of all Catholics is calling for a world of equality. In an interview for Italian newspaper »La Repubblica«, Pope Francis answered questions of the journalist Eugenio Scalfari. The date was November 7th, the 99th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution.

    Scalfari asked: »You told me some time ago that the precept, ›Love your neighbour as thyself‹ had to change, given the dark times that we are going through, and become ›more than thyself‹. So you yearn for a society where equality dominates. This, as you know, is the programme of Marxist socialism and then of communism. Are you therefore thinking of a Marxist type of society?«

  • CP of Brazil: Trump President – A political expression of the reaction and decadence of the USA imperialism

    PCdoBThe Republican Donald Trump won the United States presidential election, defeating Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate, who was a favorite in all public opinion polls and was considered as unbeatable by the bourgeois media, its international policy analysts, academics, and Chancelleries around the world. President Barack Obama is also defeated, despite his widespread charisma and created popularity. Republicans also won legislative elections in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  • Portuguese CP on the elections in the United States of America

    Portuguese Communist PartyThe elections for President, as well as for the Senate and House of Representatives, in the United States of America have displayed the profound problems, contradictions and inequalities which permeate that country's society, and which are expressions of the deepening structural crisis of capitalism that affects in particular the world's biggest imperialist power.

  • French communists issue call to »Stop Erdoğan«

    France’s National Alliance of Elected Communists and Republicans Association (ANECR) Chairperson and Champigny-sur-Marne Metropolitan Mayor Dominique Adenot strongly condemned the arrests of Amed Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı.

  • Speech of the Communist Party of Ireland at the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

    CP IrelandBy Eddie Glackin, National Executive Committee


    This year marks a notable anniversary in the history of our people’s struggle against imperialism: the Centenary of the 1916 Rising in Dublin. In the middle of the first Imperialist World War the Rising, at the heart of what was at that time the greatest empire the world had seen, sent shock waves throughout the empire “on which the sun never set” (or, as the more cynical have said, “on which the blood never dried”). A year later the Bolshevik Revolution broke the chain of imperialism at its weakest link and marked the onset of the general crisis of capitalism.

  • Speech of the Communist Party of Greece at the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

    Communist Party of GreeceBy Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE

    Dear comrades,

    The Communist Party of Greece salutes the 18th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties and warmly thanks the CP of Vietnam for its hospitality.

    Our party has expressed its internationalist solidarity and has stood for many decades at the side of the Vietnamese people in their struggle against French and Japanese colonialism, against the imperialist intervention and crimes of the USA.

  • Another anticommunist law by Kiev

    Communist Party of UkraineThe Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) informed about the recent anticommunist law passed by Ukrainian parliament. The law targets media contents including »communist propaganda« or a positive image of the Soviet bodies. According to the statement by the CPU, »on amendments to some laws of Ukraine to restrict access to the Ukrainian market of foreign printed materials with the content of anti-Ukrainian content«, mainly targets the media broadcast form Russia and unilaterally independent Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, containing communist »propaganda« or promotion of Soviet State bodies.

  • A new communist party in France

    Communists who left the URCF (Union des révolutionnaires-communistes de France, Union of Revolutionary Communists of France) after the foundation of the PRC (Parti Révolutionnaire-Communistes, Revolutionary Party-Communistes) by the unification of the URCF and the Communistes in 2015, founded the PCRF (Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de France, Revolutionary Communist Party of France). ICP correspondent spoke with Maurice Cukierman, the secretary-general on the newly founded PCRF.

  • International meeting of communist parties concluded in Hanoi

    comunistaIn Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, concluded this saturday the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP). More than 100 participants agreed on measures to improve the efficiency of the joint coordination mechanism and elected a working group in the 2016-2018 tenure with 19 members. The participants agreed to sntregthen the cooperation between communist and workers parties, especially for the preparation of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian October Revolution in 2017. It also emphasised on the significance of fighting for peace and socialism as well as protecting independence and sovereignty of countries.

  • »Organize a European referendum, and you'll see that the Walloons are not alone«

    Workers Party of BelgiumInterview by Irish blog Communist Perspective  with Peter Mertens, chairman of Worker's Party of Belgium (PTB) on the free trade agreement with Canada (Ceta)

    Peter Mertens: The European Union was already preparing to sign the free trade agreement with Canada with much fanfare. While this agreement would have far-reaching consequences for Europe, for its people and for the climate, the European establishment was not really planning to mince many words on the treaty. Until the government of the Walloon Region spoiled the party. A debate was held there, and immediately the international media touched down in Namur (the seat of the Walloon government) and Brussels. Belgium in the eye of the storm, with at its helm the social-democratic prime minister Paul Magnette.

  • CP of Greece: The measures against the worker's and people's rights are the major scandal

    Communist Party of GreeceAn off-the-agenda Parliament debate at the level of the political leaders on the issue "the phenomena of corruption and vested interests, their influence on the institutional and political system and how to deal with them" was held on the 10th of October 2016 on the plenum of parliament. The discussion took place at the proposal of the Prime Minister, A. Tsipras, as it is a "convenient" issue of discussion for the bourgeois parties ("left", "centre" and "right"), which seek to hide their convergence in terms of serving the anti-people strategy of capital by accusing each other over issues of management, corruption and "ethics".

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