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  • Communist Party of Ireland on going pronouncements on the border between the British state and the European Union

    Communist Party of IrelandThe recent proposals by the British government regarding a possible border between the British state and the European Union expose how marginal the interests of the Irish people are in relation to the negotiations now under way. The terms of Britain’s relations with the EU will be decided between Britain and Germany, in the interests of their ruling classes.

  • Developing a socialist-oriented market economy is to abide by objective law in the cause of socialist construction in Vietnam

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Van Phuc*

    In the process of national contruction and development, especially amid uncertainties in the current world situation, there is skepticism about the path to socialism in Vietnam.

    It is necessary to reaffirm the correctness of this choice as well as map out goals and solutions in the coming time to develop a socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam.
  • Communists condemn Minister Freeland’s violations of sovereignty of Venezuela

    comunistaThe Communist Party of Canada condemns the latest flagrant violation of the national sovereignty of Venezuela by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.

    Going far beyond the bounds of diplomacy, Minister Freeland attacked the July 30 voting to elect a Constituent Assembly which will have powers to resolve the political crisis in Venezuela. The Liberal government’s claim that the election was “contrary to Venezuela’s Constitution”, and therefore illegitimate, is a lie. Article 347 and 348 of the Bolivarian Constitution outline the president’s right to initiate a National Constituent Assembly.

  • Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania: The historical lessons of the Great October and the contemporary tasks of the international communist movement


    Respected comrades,

    while jointly commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution, we have an excellent opportunity not only to remember the historical lessons of this epoch-making event, but also to seriously consider the direct realities of today, the burning issues of the international communist movement.

  • Tudeh Party of Iran: We say »NO« to malicious efforts to inflame war and conflict on the western borders of the country!

    tudehWe reproduce the editorial article of »Nameh Mardom«, Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, No. 1029, published on 10 July 2017:

    At a time when political developments are taking place at a rapid pace in the Middle East while imperialism and the regional reaction are hatching dangerous plans to change the political geography of the region, any kind of conflict and military clash around the borders of Iran - under any pretext whatsoever- will threaten the territorial integrity and stability of the country.

  • Workers go on strike at Fiat Serbia factory

    FiatWorkers at the factory of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Serbian subsidiary FCA Srbija in Kragujevac are on strike over excessive workload and low wages.

    The strike began on Tuesday 27 June after two days of warning protests. Two thousand blue collar workers, representing 90 per cent of the workforce, have taken strike action to demand a small wage increase, paid overtime, an end to layoffs, a reorganization of work to cut workload, and compensation for transport costs for shifts that start or finish when there in no public transport.

  • Iraqi Communist Party: Congratulations to our People on the Liberation of Mosul

    Iraqi Communist PartyThe Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party issued the following statement on 9th July 2017 congratulating the Iraqi people on the great national victory of the liberation of the city of Mosul from terrorist Daesh:

    Mosul is now free, with the declaration of Iraq’s victory and defeat of the so-called "Islamic state”. Iraqis are marking a great victory, clearing their land of the plague of Daesh.

  • Communist Party of Poland: against destroying of the monuments commemorating victory over fascism

    Communist Party of Poland condemns extension of the act prohibiting promotion of communism. Novelisation of the law introduced on 22nd of June widens cathalog of objects that are subjected to this act to schools, kindergartens, educational centres and cultural institutions. It also administers removal of the monuments commemorating liberation of Poland from the nazi German occupation by the Red Army and monuments of communist partisans of the People’s Guard and the People’s Army, situated outside cemeteries.

  • The Army Must Defend The Republic, Not To Serve To Any Foreign “Side Of The War” Instead

    The agreement of both Parliamentary Chambers is needed to send Czech troops on the foreign missions lasting more than 60 days. This Constitutional Standard has been repeatedly bypassed just in the situation when the current ruling coalition as well as other Right-wing forces threaten to draw us into war through their politics. The aim of the Constitution’s amendment to be proposed by one group of MPs of both the Right-wing and the Soc-Dem is to eliminate the lawmakers from the decision making about the issues with an principal importance for the country’s security. Expecting its authority to strengthen by it, the government keep to be silent. Also both Mr. M. Stropnicky, the minister of Defence, and Mr. J. Hamacek, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) of Czech Parliament, are engaged in this attempt to abolish one of the Constitutional pillars. So much open betrayal of constitutional principles is scandalous, even more with some of constitutional top representatives to resort to it!

  • The legacy of the October Revolution in the struggle for peace and the tasks of communists

    International Seminar of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

    31st May – 1st June 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

    Final Press Release: 100 years of the “Decree on Peace”

    Press Release of the CPBM from an international conference held in Prague on May 31- June 1, 2017, to commemorate and celebrate adoption of this historical document.

    CPBM together with the participants at the international conference representing Communist and left radical and workers’ political parties, not only from Europe, but Asia as well, are reminding a principal significance of one of the first originated acts of the Soviets’ governance. It in itself reflected the interests of the vast masses of the people suffering from the war.

  • First round of legislative elections: Declaration by Pierre Laurent

    French Communist PartyThe results of the French legislative elections, if the first-round trend continues for the second round next Sunday, will place the future of the country in extremely difficult circumstances, under the threat of a National Assembly dominated by members from En Marche! and their supporters from the Républicains. This result would plunge millions of our fellow citizens into a democratic “hangover”.

  • Letter of Sitaram Yechury to PM on the plight of farmers in India

    We are releasing the text of a letter written by Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) General Secretary and Leader of the CPI(M) Group in Rajya Sabha, to the Prime Minister demanding introduction and passing of a legislation in the forthcoming Parliament session which not only confers on farmers the Right to Sell at MSP but also guarantees an automatic annual review of the MSP, which will be, at least, 50 per cent more than production costs.

    Dear Pradhan Mantri Ji,

    I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the plight of farmers across India, which has resulted in a high level of rural distress, including thousands of suicides by farmers in the past three years. There have been increasing protests by farmers in one state after another, which have been met by your silence and apathy while the state governments of your party have let the police lose on the poor farmers. Six farmers have lost their lives in police firing in Madhya Pradesh, many seriously injured. Meanwhile, many continue to commit distress suicides, the latest such tragedy occurring in the CM's own constituency.

  • Portuguese CP on the results of the British General Election

    pcpThe Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) commented the results auf the general elections in Britain:

    The results of the early general elections in Great Britain constitute a political defeat of the Conservative Party that sought to strengthen the parliamentary support for a greater offensive against the social and labor rights of the British workers and people, and for a reinforced neoliberal and militarist policy and imperialism affirmation.

  • Communist Party of Poland: Preserve the memory of the victims of fascist crimes and the heroes of the struggle against fascism

    Communist Party of PolandChanges of street names carried out under the “Decommunisation Act” serves the purpose of falsifying History in the interest of the ruling right wing. Historical policy implemented by the state institutions discriminates, on political grounds, anyone associated with communism, regardless of his/her significance or achievements. The list of toponyms that are to be changed is still expanding and includes not only those directly involved in the communist activity.

  • British communists: The Tories have no mandate, May must resign

    Communist Party of BritainRobert Griffiths, general secretary of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), issued the following statement on the results of British elections: »Twelve million people have voted for a left-wing Labour manifesto and a majority of electors have rejected austerity policies. The Tories have no mandate for five months of public spending cuts, never mind another five years.

  • Tudeh Party of Iran Strongly Condemns the »Daesh« Terrorist Attacks in Iran

    Tudeh Party of IranAs reported by the mass media, about 10:30am local time today in Iran, in a concurrent terrorist act, the area around Khomeini’s tomb near Tehran’s Behesht-e Zahra cemetery and the parliament building in the centre of Tehran were attacked. The statement of the Ministry of Interior Affairs about the terrorist event today reads: “Today, two terrorist teams simultaneously attacked the outskirts of the Late Imam’s tomb and the administration building of the Islamic Majlis [parliament] and tried to disrupt the security of the country by such blind terrorist acts.”

  • CP of Bohemia & Moravia on the current political situation in Czech Republic

    Current governmental crisis undermines the trust into constitutional and public

    Although the government of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Soc-Dem) has survived its last crisis, its support by the general public has been permanently dropping down. To be seen in the poll in May, only 23 per cent of citizens trust into this government, the worst result of current coalition government arising from early election in 2013, and to be in charge since January 29, 2014.

  • Iraqi Communist Party Mourns the Death of Aziz Mohammed

    Iraqi Communist PartyWith deepest sorrow and grief, we have received today (31st May 2017) the news of the passing of the veteran Communist leader and the prominent Iraqi and Kurdish national figure, Comrade Aziz Mohammed, at the age of 93.

  • 100 years of the “Decree on Peace”

    Press Release of the CPBM from an international conference held in Prague on May 31- June 1, 2017, to commemorate and celebrate adoption of this historical document.

    CPBM together with the participants at the international conference representing Communist and left radical and workers’ political parties, not only from Europe, but Asia as well, are reminding a principal significance of one of the first originated acts of the Soviets’ governance. It in itself reflected the interests of the vast masses of the people suffering from the war.

    The “Decree on Peace” has changed the world and became a fundamental stone of international law institutions, approaches and documents.

  • Communist Party of Turkey celebrates 12th Congress

    Communist Party of TurkeyThe Conference process of the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has been completed with the two day meeting of the delegates in İstanbul on 27-28 May 2017. At the 12th Congress of TKP, important decisions for the forthcoming year of struggle have been decided on at the sessions by the participation of the 383 delegates, 14 of which from abroad.