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  • Communist Party (Turkey): Rise up!

    Communist PartyWe reject getting used to massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders.
    We reject putting up with a government that always tries to present massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders as ordinary events.
    We reject keeping silent against a government that interferes in other countries’ internal affairs, that instigates terrorists to attack those lands, and that backs those same terrorists in the name of “sacred values” in its own country.

  • Portuguese Communist Party on the victory of the exit from the EU in the UK referendum

    Portuguese Communist PartyThe victory of the exit from the European Union in the referendum held in the United Kingdom is an event of tremendous political magnitude for the people of the United Kingdom and also for the peoples of Europe.

    It represents a far-reaching change in the process of capitalist integration in Europe and a new threshold of struggle for those who have, for decades, fought against the European Union of big business and the big powers, and for a Europe of the workers and the peoples.

  • Communist Party of Greece on the result of the referendum in Britain

    Communist Party of GreeceThe result of Britain's referendum demonstrates the increasing discontent of the working class and popular forces towards the EU and its anti-people policies. However these forces must disentangle themselves from the choices of sections and political forces of the bourgeoisie and acquire radical and anti-capitalist characteristics. The result records the dissipation of the expectations, which had been fostered by all the bourgeois parties-in Greece as well-together with the EU's mechanisms that the peoples could allegedly be prosperous inside the framework of the EU.

  • Communist Party of Britain: A Victory for popular sovereignity - a defeat for the EU-IMF-NATO axis

    Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party of Britain

    The referendum result represents a huge and potentially disorientating blow to the ruling capitalist class in Britain, its hired politicians and its imperialist allies in the EU, the USA, IMF and NATO.

    The people have spoken and popular sovereignty now demands that the Westminster Parliament accepts and implements their decision. The left must now redouble its efforts to turn this referendum result into a defeat for the whole EU-IMF-NATO axis.

    But it is clear that the Cameron-Osborne government has lost the confidence of the electorate and cannot be trusted with the responsibility of negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union. It should resign forthwith.

  • Communists urge »Leave vote« and criticise pro-EU »pessimists and defeatists«

    Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party of BritainCommunist Party chair Liz Payne has criticised EU supporters in the labour movement for »talking as though the working class are passive victims who rely on a bountiful EU for their rights«.

    »Our trade unions and Labour governments fought for the right to join a union, collective bargaining, the right to strike, equal pay, maternity rights and health and safety at work - they weren't granted to us by the European Commission or the European Central Bank«, she told her party's political committee on Thirsday evening.

  • What We Need Is A People's Brexit

    Morning StarANTAGONISMS and ambitions within the Tory Party occupy the corporate media’s coverage of the EU referendum. Fear and loathing have poisoned the liberal commentariat: fear of Boris Johnson and a few posh boys, coupled with a bitter loathing of the working class. It’s embarrassing, and unnecessary.

    The scenario frightening metropolitan liberals that a Leave victory will deliver power to the racist right is a gross miscalculation.

    If Leave win, David Cameron — who helped prop up the old Afrikaner regime in South Africa, let’s not forget — will be ousted and Johnson or Michael Gove will secure the keys to 10 Downing Street.

  • RCWP denounces anti-communism at Donetsk

    Communist PartyThe Russian Communist Workers' Party (RCWP) released a statement on the decision that took the powers of two communist deputies in the legislative organ of the self proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), the People's Soviet. The RCWP stated that the decision of Donetsk People's Republic authorities which disqualifies communist deputies in the People's Soviet has no difference than the Kiev regime's anti-communist laws and attacks. In the statement, the RCWP underlined that with this decision the DPR authorities try to prevent communists from participating in the People's Soviet elections in the first place.

  • Communist Party denounces attacks on opposition media in Ukraine

    Symonenko speaking at Gamma TV. Screenshot: YoutubeSymonenko speaking at Gamma TV. Screenshot: YoutubeThe Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) released a statement denouncing the recent attack on the Ukrainian opposition media. KPU stated that the Ukrainian government has started a procedure to ban the TV channel »Gamma« after the broadcast of the speech of KPU leader Petro Symonenko on the Victory Day.

  • KPRF invites Stalin back

    Communist Party of Russian FederationCommunist Party of Russian FederationThe Communist Party of Russian Federation (KPRF) announced that they are planning to use Stalin’s images in the State Duma election campaign.Party Secretary for informative-analytical work and electoral technologies who also represents the Communist Party of Russian Federation (KPRF) in the lower house Sergei Obukhov, informed Kommersant about the plan to use Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s image in the upcoming State Duma elections. Obukhov explained that the Party considers Stalin’s image as a means of attracting voters additional to the traditional electorates. 

  • Statementof the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party on the latest developments

    May Day march 2016 in Baghdad. Foto: Iraqi CPMay Day march 2016 in Baghdad. Foto: Iraqi CPOur capital Baghdad has witnessed today (30th April 2016) important developments with largenumbers of demonstrators and protesters storming the parliament building.

    It took place after thepostponement of the session of parliament to the 10th of May, at atime when the masses of people in front of the Green Zone and Tahrir(Liberation) Square were waiting for the parliament’s session to be held todayto resolve the cabinet reshuffle in accordance with their demands, so as to bethe beginning of renouncing the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that wasadopted by the ruling forces and blocs in setting up the structure of the politicalsystem and its administration.

  • Joint Statement of Communist and Workers Parties: Long Live Workers’ May Day!

    comunistaWe, the communist and workers parties that sign this joint statement on the eve of Workers’ May Day 2016 want to stress our solidarity to all workers who are struggling against capitalist barbarity through strikes, demonstrations and other forms of resistance. It is obvious that under the conditions of deepening capitalist crisis the political and organizational strength of international proletariat will be one of the key factors in reshaping the world in the near future. With full belief in the success of the struggle of the working class, as communist and workers parties, we salute Workers’ May Day.

  • Two-day General Strike in Greece

    pameThe SYRIZA-ANEL government is proceeding to new anti-worker measures calculated at being worth 5.4billion euros (3% of the GDP) focusing of the heavy taxation of the people and the dismemberment of the social security system and pensions. In this direction it tabled this draft law in parliament, which will probably be put to a vote in the full plenum on the 10-11 of May. In addition, the SYRIZA-ANEL government is searching for a legal formula and a "reserve: package of anti-people measures that will be worth 3.6 billion euros (2% of the GDP).This was the subject of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government's consultations with the high-level delegations of the Eurozone and IMF.

  • Lugansk communist: Ukrainian politicians surprised they couldn't influence Dutch referendum

    Ekaterina Popova. Foto: Red Star over DonbassEkaterina Popova. Foto: Red Star over DonbassOn April 6, a referendum was held in the Netherlands on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. The agreement would increase political, economic and military ties, as a step toward Ukrainian membership in the EU. The Association Agreement was rejected by 61 percent of Dutch voters.

    For Ukrainian politicians, it was a surprise that the referendum in the Netherlands might be beyond their influence. This opinion was expressed by the Secretary of the Lugansk Regional Committee of the Communist Party, Ekaterina Popova. »Obviously, some Ukrainian politicians were surprised that the referendum could not only make a change in the government's position, but also cause a country such as the Netherlands to, in the words of Ukrainian Ambassador Dmitry Kuleba, ›stand up and say, you know, we've had a referendum, I'm sorry, you have to go back to negotiations‹,« the communist commented on the reaction of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative to the results of the Dutch referendum.

  • War against monuments in Ukraine

    Communist Party of UkraineThe Communist Party of Ukraine notes that in a number of settlements of our country radical criminal nationalists, encouraged by the ruling Nationalistic-oligarchic regime that came to power after the unconstitutional coup in February 2014, started a war against monuments to a Soviet Soldiers, Partisans and Underground Fighters killed during World War II. This is contrary to the UN resolutions that condemn desecration of monuments to the fighters against fascism, contrary to the Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe, signed by most European countries, it is ignoring the dominant public opinion, attitudes of our citizens.

  • CPI(M): No Bases for US Armed Forces!

    comunistaThe Modi government has taken the dangerous step of deepening military collaboration with the United States by agreeing to allow US armed forces to use base facilities in Indian naval and air force bases.

    The US Defence Secretary and the Indian Defence Minister have announced an in principle agreement has been reached for a Logistics Exchange  Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). This is just another name for the Logistic Support Agreement (LSA) that the United States enters into with military allies like Philippines, South Korea and Japan. Unlike what the Defence Minister says, refueling, maintenance and repair facilities for American ships and airplanes will require the  stationing of US armed forces personnel on Indian soil on a regular basis.

  • PCF: »The Labour Law, No thanks!«

    pcfThe French Communist Party (PCF) stated that they considered the big wave of manifestations of 1.2 million people which prevailed all over France on 31st of March as a grand success.

    PCF also stated that the street demonstrations only revealed a small part of the unrest in the country, where more than 70 percent of the people want the reforms to be withdrawn. It was reported that the communist senators also spoke their protests against the new labour law in the parliament despite the offenses of PM Manuel Valls besides the right wing and the socialist members.The communists put their position clearly on the issue: The labour law no thanks! (Loi Travail non merci !)

  • Joint Statement of Communist and Workers Parties on the »refugees crisis«

    comunistaWe must confront the exploitative system, which gives rises to wars, refugees, immigration and poverty. Solidarity now with the refugees and immigrants!

    We, the communist and workers parties, that sign this text:

    We denounce the imperialist aggressiveness, the interventions and wars, the USA, NATO and the EU and their "allies", like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The criminal activity of these powers has caused millions of people to become refugees and immigrants.

  • KP on Ankara attack: »We condemn the ones who have turned our country into a blood bath«

    Communist PartyYesterday, sunday, at 18:45 local time, a car bomb exploded in the Kızılay district of Ankara. The officials say at least 27 were dead and 75 were wounded. This is the third attack in Ankara killing more than 150 people in total since last October. The Communist Party (KP) released a statement a couple of hours after the bomb attack.

  • DKP leaves the »European Left«

    German Communist PartyGerman Communist PartyAccording to the soL news portal, the German Communist Party (DKP) declared that it has ended is observer status at the Party of European Left (EL) by a decision at its  21st Congress. The reason of the termination of the observer status is said to be EL's approval of the EU system, which communists struggle to overcome. »EL had also approved a protective responsibility for the military interventions to countries violating human rights, in the past« stated the decision.

  • We go to Russia!

    WFDY delegates at the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow. Foto: JCVWFDY delegates at the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow. Foto: JCVIn 2017, Russia will host the next World Festival of Youth and Students. This decided the General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) this sunday in Moscow. Russia’s youth authority, Rosmolodezh, supervising the Russian bid said the decision was about the hosting country, while the hosting city will be named at a meeting due later in spring. This First International Preparation Meeting will be hosted in Ecuador, the country of the last World Festival in 2013.