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  • “Urgent need for a stronger Communist party”

    ‘Yet, at this very time, the pro-capitalist forces in the Labour Party are triumphant behind new leader Keir Starmer, determined to push the party back to the mushy middle-ground and marginalise the left’, he warned.

    Mr Johnson said the recent internal report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party recounted a ‘horror story’ of abuse, sabotage and betrayal of the party and its former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team’.

  • COVID crisis and Labour's right-turn show urgent need for stronger Communist Party

    'The coronavirus exposes the fundamentally anti-social nature of capitalism with its corporate greed and market anarchy', Steve Johnson told the Communist Party's political committee online on Wednesday evening April 22). 'Yet, at this very time, the pro-capitalist forces in the Labour Party are triumphant behind new leader Keir Starmer, determined to push the party back to the mushy middle-ground and marginalise the left', he warned. Mr Johnson said the recent internal report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party recounted a 'horror story' of abuse, sabotage and betrayal of the party and its former leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team'. 'Staff misconduct would normally be a purely internal matter', Mr Johnson remarked, 'but this was on a scale which - together with Starmer's disastrous anti-Brexit policy - fatally undermined Labour's General Election chances last December, robbing the people of Britain of a government whose values and priorities would have been fundamentally different in the current COVID-19 crisis'.

  • Communist Parties Commemorate 150th Anniversary of Lenin’s Birth

    comunistaYesterday, April 22, marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary leader and theorist of scientific socialism, V.I. Lenin. To commemorate the event, dozens of Communist and Workers’ Parties signed a joint statement to honor Lenin and to commit themselves to the continuation of his work. Their statement follows.

    “Especially under the current conditions, while the pandemic of CoVID-19 is spreading and tragically demonstrating the great inadequacies of health systems in capitalist countries, as well as the anti-social and parasitic nature of the capitalist system itself; in the face of the new crisis, the burdens of which will again be placed upon the shoulders of the workers, the aggressive nature of capitalism and the escalation of imperialist competition, which pose new dangers to peace and peoples around the world, we feel an even greater need to call attention to the historic role of V.I. Lenin: a personality who dedicated his life to the cause of the working class and other popular strata, to the struggle for the abolition of exploitation and the construction of a socialist society.

  • Lenin on U.S. white supremacy

    A few years back, the controversial late Italian communist philosopher Domenico Losurdo argued (in Lenin Reloaded)  that the central cause of the split between the 2nd International and the 3rd International lay not precisely with the issue of reform versus revolution. Instead, Losurdo argued, 2nd International adherence to a white supremacist imaginary about “barbaric” denizens of the colonized world and the progressive role of colonialism in the “uplift” of the world’s peoples of color drove V. I. Lenin and his supporters to make their break.

  • Happy Birthday, Lenin!

    JF, Baile Átha Cliath.

    One hundred and fifty years have passed since the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to the world as Lenin. There are very few figures whose life and legacy carries such world-historic importance, a figure of the kind that Hegel referred to as moving beyond mere intention and “falling in with the needs of the age”. Lenin led a revolution of the oppressed masses that put them in charge. The peoples of the former Russian Empire rejected “eternal” laws of markets and private property in order to manage their own relationship with nature and one another. To erase this anomaly in world history – the unwashed masses governing themselves – the global imperialist powers invaded revolutionary Russia. Refusing to accept it, and furious that the emerging market of the Russian Empire had been seized from them, the West, from day one, decried the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a “dictatorship”, one built on repression and violence. But as the years tumbled past it became clear that the workers and peasants could organise their own affairs and following the foreign intervention and civil war, living standards soared. Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the revolutionary masses had disproven all the politicians and scholars of the capitalist elite. His ideas, a revolutionary development of Marxism, have inspired hundreds of millions over the last century, on every continent on the planet. What is so powerful about these ideas? Why did the Black Panther Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam alike espouse Marxism-Leninism? Why does the Connolly Youth Movement do the same today?

  • Should communists participate in electoral struggle?

    In honor of Lenin’s 150th birthday this week and the recent end of Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialist presidential campaign, I began to think of how these two phenomena are connected. Sanders’ campaign united young workers and students alike around key issues such as universal health care, climate change, and free college tuition. Lenin, perhaps the most iconic revolutionary figure in the international communist movement, would have urged us to be involved in the electoral process here at home no matter who the candidates or what the issues were. But where did he draw his inspiration from? I remember reading the Communist Manifesto for the first time many years ago and arriving at the last two pages in which Marx and Engels talked about the role of communists in the electoral struggle:

    In France, the Communists ally with the Social-Democrats against the conservative and radical bourgeoisie, reserving, however, the right to take up a critical position in regard to phases and illusions traditionally handed down from the great Revolution.

  • Lenin @150: An appreciation

    The world is a better place because of V. I. Lenin. An outstanding 20th-century working-class leader and revolutionary, he helped change history. The revolution in St. Petersburg, which Lenin helped lead in 1917, opened the door to a new era.

    The impulse first set in motion by the October Revolution lives on. The world revolutionary process continues to unfold: at times by fits and starts, at others almost standing still, then explosively, rapidly, with all the force of a social hurricane.

  • Lenin

    From its formation 100 years ago, the Communist Party in Britain has based itself on the principles of Marx, Engels and Lenin. In particular, Lenin's teachings on the state, revolution, imperialism, the national question, the party and working class power have enriched Marxism and informed, educated and inspired many millions of Communists across the globe. Today, the principles of Marxism-Leninism remain the basis of our revolutionary programme Britain's Road to Socialism. The best way to honour the memory of Lenin is to join and help strengthen the Communist Party of Britain as a proud and integral contingent of the international Communist movement.

  • The pandemic and economic warfare

    The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are so widespread and multifaceted that many find it difficult to find a way to grasp what is really going on, to find an approach from which to understand what’s happening. We are affected by loss, grief, anxiety, and stress.

    What we all know for sure is that we are all going through a time of great change. We find our footing in the certainty that the government response to Covid-19 is part of a war against workers rooted in historical developments.

  • Hadash MK Odeh Calls for a Broad Jewish-Arab Front for Peace and Democracy

    Thousands of “Black Flag” protestors, among them Hadash and Communist Party of Israel activists, gathered on Sunday evening, April 19, in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to demonstrate against the far-right government. The anti-Netanyahu protest was the most political in nature of the several led by grassroots movement over the past month since COVID-19 restrictions have been in place. Several thousand more participated in virtual versions of the rally on Facebook and Zoom, due to coronavirus fears.

  • Communist Parties: “US Must Lift Its Blockade of Cuba Immediately!”

    comunistaUnder the slogan “Solidarity Yes – Blockade No,” dozens of Communist Parties around the world have signed a joint statement demanding the immediate lifting of the criminal US blockade against Cuba.

    The text of the statement signed by the parties follows:

    “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread over the entire planet causing enormous human pain and loss, it tragically confirms the existence of two different approaches to organizing society: one that insists on putting profits and the imposing of global control above the health of the public and the general well-being of people; and the second one that places people, their health and well-being above all other interests.

  • 4 Galilee Arab Towns on Lockdown Due to Spike in Coronavirus Cases

    Residents of four Arab villages in the Galilee in northern Israel were instructed by the Ministry of Health to stay at home due to a spike in the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the area, the Communist daily Al-Ittihad reported on Thursday, April 16. Police and volunteers were called to the area in an attempt to contain the spread of the infection and mitigate the conditions of people who have contracted the disease.

  • A working-class Virginia community deals with COVID-19

    I live in a low- to middle-income neighborhood in Prince William County, Virginia, a Washington D.C. exurb. This is a majority-minority working-class area; almost all my neighbors are African American or Central American, with many adults being first-generation immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala. Of these, a large number are undocumented.

  • Official Statement of the UCP-CPSU Central Council in support of Temur Pipia, the Leader of the United Communist Party of Georgia

    The UCP-CPSU Central Council hereby rejects the actions undertaken by the Georgian Border Guards who detained Temur Pipia, the Leader of the United Communist Party of Georgia on the night of March 28/29, 2020.

    Temur Pipia was in Russia on a working visit as a delegate to the International Economic Forum in the City of Orel.

    Gennady Zyuganov, the CPRF leader, sent through him 300 medals produced in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory and intended for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. These awards were confiscated by the Georgian Custom officers with reference to the so-called “Charter of Freedom”, dated 2011, which puts under a ban together Fascist symbols and ideology and the Communist ones.

  • May Day challenge

    International Workers Day was first celebrated in 1904, to honor the martyrs of the Haymarket uprising with mass demonstrations for the eight-hour day, workers’ rights, and world peace.

    This year, we celebrate the courage and selflessness of those workers on the front lines of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: health care workers, transit workers, mechanics, delivery drivers, sanitation, warehouse, retail, and fast-food workers, and all those who provide essential services but are too often paid and treated as if they were expendable. This includes the record number of unemployed workers.

  • Appeal of the Communist Party of the DPR in connection with the ongoing hostilities in Donbass


    The war in Donbass has already been going on for more than five years. It claimed the lives of more than 10 thousand people, about 2 million were forced to leave their homes. Hundreds of children were killed and injured. The blood of the inhabitants of Donbass is on the hands of the Kiev regime, which unleashed military aggression in response to the self-determination of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

  • The NATO Imperialist Threat on Cyprus

    The communist party of Cyprus, known as the “Progressive Party of Working People” or by its Greek acronym “AKEL”, has fought for the unification of their island country for nearly a century. In this week’s episode of The Specter, special guest Vera Polycarpou, gives us an inside look into Cyprus’s struggle for unification and socialism. Vera currently serves as Head of the International Relations Bureau of AKEL and is a member of the party’s Central Committee. Vera previously served as head of AKEL’s delegation in the European Parliament from 2004 to 2015.

  • 59 Communist Youth Organizations on COVID-19 pandemic

    Young people of the world,

    While thousands of people around the globe are getting the disease and unfortunately also die of COVID-19, the reality for the peoples, workers and youth is ruthless:

  • The case for Socialism

    THE CASE FOR SOCIALISM - needed now more than ever. The Communist Party has launched a new up-to-the-minute updated programme, ‘Britain’s Road to Socialism’. Its arguments against capitalism are compelling and its case for socialism has never in Britain, been put with greater force or conviction. We urge you to read it and pass it’s message round, hold online meetings and education classes. The package costs just £3 and is available here. Multiple copies can be bought and if you agree with the revolutionary case for socialism, you can apply to join us too.


    Communist Party of Britain

  • Town Hall: Taking care of our working class

    “Taking Care of Our Working Class” was the theme of a Town Hall meeting held on April 5 and attended by over 400 people. The People’s World and CPUSA sponsored the online meeting, which focused on the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on workers and how people and organizations are responding. A list of resources (at the end of this article) was provided to people who need assistance. Speakers talked about the effects on hospitality workers and renters, mutual aid, the CARES Act, and a call to action, while Cameron Orr and Audrey Starr gave musical performances to inspire during this difficult time.