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  • Observe September 14 as All India Protest Day: CPI

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued today (on September 8, 2020) the following statement:

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India which had a virtual (ZOOM) meeting on September 7, 2020 took note of the fact that the economy is facing a serious crisis with the GDP contracting to an unprecedented level.

  • Anti-Netanyahu Demonstrators & Police Clash Yet Again in Jerusalem

    Thousands of Israelis gathered once again on Saturday evening, September 5, as they have during the past three months, outside the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem and at other locations around the country, calling on the prime minister to resign. Among the protestors: several Hadash and Communist Party activists.

  • Fascism: A rising danger

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “November is about defeating fascism.” She’s right.

    While we shouldn’t take anything Trump says at face value, since he often says things that are lies, distortions, or just outrageous in order to distract, the fact that he has already repeatedly cast doubt on the results of the fall elections is worrisome. He is anxious to prevent anyone not part of his base from voting by mail, the safest way during a pandemic; he and his press secretary have already promised that he may not accept the results of the election; the “remarks” that he deserves a third term and that he should be “president for life” are stunning — all point to his certainty that he will lose a fair election.

  • Fraternal Union between Russia and Byelorussia: Guarantee of Well-Being and Security of Our Peoples

    Appeal of the Chairman of the CC CPRF, Head of the CPRF at the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

    To: President Putin of the Russian Federation
    To: President Lukashenko of the Republic of Belarus

    The union of the peoples of Russia and Byelorussia is living through a historic moment. Our centuries-old brotherhood of struggle, victories and joint living is coming under sophisticated attacks from without and from within. The same forces that are wrecking the unity of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine are now carrying out their evil designs in the relations between Russia and Belarus.

  • How to defeat a (right-wing) mass movement

    Why did Hillary Clinton lose in 2008? Her campaign couldn’t figure out how to defeat a mass movement. Why did she lose in 2016? Once again, her campaign couldn’t figure out how to defeat a mass movement.

  • Message of Solidarity to the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), on the murder of two DYFI cadres

    The International Relations Committee of the CC of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)denounces the barbaric murder of two cadres of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), comrades Haq Muhammad and Mithilaj, in a cowardly and premeditated attack, executed by thugs of the party Congress of Kerala, who were armed with knives.

  • Oppose Historical Falsification of World War II

    This article is a special contribution to Forward on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II by Vladimir Isakov, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Leninist Komsomol of the Russian Federation.

    On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, which ended with the defeat and surrender of militaristic Japan, a long-term campaign of “struggle for the return of the northern territories” gained momentum in modern Japan, accompanied by accusations of the USSR of a “treacherous attack on Japan” and in violation of the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact of 1941. The Kuril Islands, which legally belong to the USSR and then to Russia, are called “Northern Territories” in Japan today.

  • Contradictions of U.S. capitalism

    More than 50 million people in the U.S. are out of work, and Donald Trump is on the golf course again. Despite promising swift action to restore economic growth, Trump is interested in restoring his golf swing. Indeed, his callous leadership of the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen the death toll approaching 180,000, has bled into his party’s resistance to serious relief for working-class people.

  • Israeli Expats Hold Anti-Netanyahu Protests in 18 Cities Simultaneously

    The protest movement against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a step forward Saturday, August 29, when simultaneous demonstrations were held in 18 cities around the world.

  • Announcement of the Central Council of KNE on the adaptation of the events of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis

    The Central Council of KNE announces the adaptation of the events of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This year, the Festival of KNE-Odigitis will be…different!

    Demonstrating a sense of responsibility, the KKE and KNE took, from the very first moment of the pandemic outbreak in our country, all the necessary measures, by adapting our operation and action to protect the health of the members and friends of the Party and KNE in these special conditions. That is what we are going to do also with the Festival.

  • The Communist Party and the youth vote

    The American secular religion may be a steadfast belief in the potency of bourgeois democracy, but today the youth are by and large non-believers. Those who retain hope for the prospects of politics increasingly recognize the centrality of alternative forms of struggle. As Ricardo Soto demonstrates in “Political Disengagement among the Young,” Generation Z is the generation most open to socialism in at least a century. They are not merely frustrated with capitalism, but looking for a radical exit. This provides an unprecedented opportunity, but also necessitates we determine the tactics best suited to leveraging this opening, not just for our party but also for the mass movement as a whole.

  • Unite To Face RSS-BJP Offensive: CPI

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following press communiqué today (August 26, 2020) on the decisions of the virtual (Zoom) meeting of the Party’s National Executive held yesterday (August 25, 2020):

    Communist Party of India general secretary D. Raja began the virtual meet (Zoom meeting) of the National Executive of the Party on August 25, 2020 introducing the agenda which included the review of the present political situation in the country, ensuing Bihar elections and measures to strengthen the party organisation. Raja spoke in detail on the present political situation.

  • Women vote — and change the world

    At its best, electoral politics is the closest we can get to an expression of the collective will of the working class. In a fair election, the electorate as a social body makes a collective decision. The media tend to see the working class as a “special interest” segment of the electorate. But by definition, the vast majority of us comprise the “99%” that the Occupy movement identified so clearly, and we each have one vote.

  • The Communists of Belarus need fraternal solidarity!

    comunistaAddress of the Union of Communist parties-CPSU to the Communist and workers' parties of the world

    Dear comrades and friends!

    Once the wise leader of the Communist party of the United States, Gus Hall, said that true internationalism is tested by the attitude to the Soviet Union. He was absolutely right. It has been known since Marx that every practical step is more important than a dozen programs. The USSR was the embodiment of an age-old dream of humanity - even if imperfect, early, but socialism.

  • 33 Arrested as 10,000 Protest against Netanyahu in Jerusalem

    Thirty-three people were arrested while police broke up a demonstration numbering 10,000 protesters Saturday night, August 22, outside of far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem demanding his resignation. Scuffles broke out in central West Jerusalem as the cops attempted to forcibly remove anti-government protesters from Paris Square, near the PM’s residence. Among the protestors were Joint List leader MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash), MK Ofer Cassif (Hadash – Joint List) and a number of activists from Hadash and Communist Party of Israel brandishing red flags.

  • CPI Deplores AYUSH Official’s Anti-Tamil Attitude

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following statement today (on August 22, 2020) deplores the behaviour of the official of the Union ministry of AYUSH:

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India deplores the attitude and behaviour of the official of the Union ministry of AYUSH, asking those do not know Hindi leave the virtual training of master trainers organised by the ministry. He wasin fact subjecting the Tamil-speaking participants to such humiliation.

  • CPI Finds No Fault with Prashant Bhushan

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following statement today (on August 22, 2020) in support of Supreme Court Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan:

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India is of the opinion that the Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan has not committed anything to be termed as contempt. He is one known for his commitment and conviction in articulating the genuine concerns and grievances of the people. He is also known for his filing of Public Interest Litigations (PILs). He has been doing all those to uphold constitutional values and the rights of the people, holding the Judiciary and Supreme Court in high esteem.

  • Hands off Belarus!

    dkp logo neuStatement of the Central Committee of the German Communist Party, August 20, 2020

    On August 9, elections took place in the Republic of Belarus, won by long term president Alexander Lukashenko, according to the electoral commission. The opposition had already announced before the elections that it would not recognize such a result, and declared its candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as the winner. Since then, there have been protests, some of them violent, with at least one death among the demonstrators, injuries on both sides, as well as arrests. Strikes have also been held in several factories.

  • Austrian neutrality and imperialist alliances

    pda oesterreichConsideration by Tibor Zenker, chairman of the Party of Labour of Austria

    Rather incidentally and as a sideline, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mentioned at a press conference in Belvedere Palace on the occasion of his visit to Vienna on 14 August that Austria would in future participate in the "State Partnership Program" (SPP) of the US Pentagon. Austrian Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner later confirmed this assertion. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise and raises some questions.

  • CPI Opposes Privatisation of Airports

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following statement today (on August 20, 2020) opposing the privatisation of three more airports:

    In February, 2019, the first round of privatisation was cleared for operation, management and development of airports in Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mangaluru, Thiruvananthapuram and Guwahati through PPP Model. In September, 2019, civil aviation ministry recommended for privatisation of Amritsar, Varanasi, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Raipur and Trichy airports. The Airports authority of India owns and manages more than 100 airports across the country.