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  • CPI On New Education Policy

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (on July 30, 2020):

    The RSS-led NDA government has approved the New Education Policy (NEP). The policy brings with it a fundamental change in the system towards creating education markets and away from ensuring universalisation of education through government schools and rejecting quality education to poor and socially disadvantaged sections of the society. In the absence of public-funded education this will take away the social justice whatever little it is there today.

  • Statement by the Presidium of the CC CPRF

    The Trump Administration is stepping up its policy of counteracting the development of socialist China. This takes place against the background of the deepening world crisis, the growth of the coronavirus pandemic and approaching Presidential elections in the USA. Measures aimed at undermining the PRC’s economic and political stability are multiplying at a feverish pace. “Soft power” instruments have proved to be signally ineffective in the struggle against Beijing. Yet Washington has not embarked on the path of wide-ranging dialogue and cooperation. On the contrary, it is becoming increasingly aggressive in its China policy.

  • We once again call for your support of Pavel Grudinin

    Dear comrades and friends!

    We once again call for your support of Pavel Grudinin, the Head of“Lenin Sovkhoz”,People’s Enterprise located in the Moscow region which is considered as one of the best agricultural enterprises in Russia and bears the name of“an island of socialism” amid a sea of capitalist lawlessness. Due to the socialist system of management hecould provide his employees with the full set of social guarantees, including bonuses, medical care and education.

  • CPUSA co-chair Rossana Cambron is hopeful about the growing people’s movements

    As Rossana Cambron contemplates the multiple crises and threats to democracy facing the nation, the Communist Party USA co-chair is gripped with urgency. But she also sees much to be excited about and the potential for a transformative moment.

    “All these social and democratic movements are coming together, there’s a deeper understanding about injustice, especially police brutality against Black people, and growing interest in socialism. And I see an incredible desire for people to get involved,” she said.

  • Try socialism: Put people before police budgets and tanks!

    Socialism is a social economic system in which the well-being of humans and the planet are given top priority—not sacrificed in favor of profits. In our current system of capitalism the greatest part of profits are kept by large industry or monopolies and financial and banking institutions or the super mega rich individuals who own or run these entities. In socialism the government we elect would work for the good of everybody, through our elected representatives and worker organizations.

  • Stop the Repression and Killing Immediately

    The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party issued the following statement on 27th July 2020:

    At a time when the protesters and participants of the Uprising are impatiently waiting for the interim government to fulfil its promises, announce the names of the martyrs of the October Uprising and honour them along with their families, open the case files of the killers and those who gave ordersreferring all of them to the judiciary to receive their fair punishment for the massacres committed against the peaceful protesters, and provide protection for the arenas and areas of mass protests, our people were surprised last night by a large-scale and organised sweep by the "riot forces" of Tahrir Square in Baghdad, using live bullets and murderous arsenal against peaceful protesters. According to available information, this has so far led to the killing of two protesters, the injury of dozens others and the burning of their sit-in tents.

  • Tens of Thousands Protest against Netanyahu throughout the Country

    Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across Israel on Saturday evening, July 25, in protests largely demanding the resignation of far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his indictments on graft charges, as well as castigating his neoliberal government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. This was the latest in a series of rallies that have ratcheted pressure on Netanyahu and his governing coalition.

  • Slander’ on Corbyn and the left

    Britain’s Communists have attacked Keir Starmer’s ‘shameful surrender’ to the anti-socialist, anti-Corbyn storyline on ‘anti-Semitism’ peddled by the Labour Party’s traditional right-wing enemies. 

    In an online meeting of the CP political committee on Wednesday evening, Ben Chacko condemned the new Labour leadership’s decision to pay an estimated £500,000 in legal costs and damages to seven former Labour Party employees. 

  • Falling economy, rising infections

    As COVID-19 cases mount across southern and western states due to premature reopening, the economic recovery is stalling. Layoffs are resuming as infections rise.

    Reports of progress toward a vaccine are encouraging, but medical experts warn that the roll-out of an effective vaccine will take a year or more. But if Trump had his way, a vaccine would never reach Democrat-governed states, Puerto Rico, or people he deems “never-Trumpers.” His racism and contempt will compromise every effort to stem the plague.

  • New politics 2020

    New politics 2020The real education of the masses can never be separated from their independent political, and especially revolutionary struggle. Only struggle educates the exploited class. Only struggle discloses to it the magnitude of its own power, widens its horizons, enhances the abilities, clarifies its mind, forges its will.—V. I. Lenin

    The recent upsurge of U.S. workers and people has brought to the fore the revolutionary potential of our class and people. Change comes with political movements, movements that unite the working class itself and the working class with its allies.

  • Capitalism, alienation, and COVID-19

    Remember life before COVID-19? Don’t be tempted to think those were the good ol’ days. Even before social distancing, were you feeling alone, depressed, and isolated? Feeling insignificant and purposeless? Our society was sick before COVID-19.

  • Observer and Guardian sink into pro-fascist swamp

    The anti-socialism of the ObserverGuardian group of newspapers has sunk to a new low with the reproduction on Sunday (July 19) of postage stamps issued by Ukrainian Nationalist groups in exile during the Soviet era.  Some of these stamps, published in the Observer and on the Guardian website, celebrate the foundation of the ‘Ukrainian Insurgent Army’ (UPA) in 1942. This organisation actively participated in the mass extermination of Jews and Poles during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine in World War Two.  

  • Divorcing your boss

    Class consciousness—the awareness of one’s social and economic position in relation to others and of the collective interests of one’s class—is not easy to come by for workers. The class consciousness of the worker is constantly subverted to create compliance in the workplace and keep workers from unionizing. The worker-boss relationship is one avenue of subverting the worker’s ability to voice their needs and desires and to become class conscious.

  • The worm at the core – Apple’s daylight robbery

    Irish politicians have for years pushed the idea that politics is for those in-the-know and the average Joe Soap is a mouthy gobshite who comments on political events like he would a football match. In the Dáíl simple solutions aren’t often proposed to easily solved problems because “it just doesn’t work like that”. Capitalism has wrapped its daily failures up in a shield of bureaucracy and esotericism and implemented a system of checks and balances to make the system as inaccessible and confusing as possible to me and you.

  • 100 Days of the Debenhams Workers’ Blockade

    100 days ago, Debenhams workers voted to defy the suggestions of their trade union, Mandate, and commence a blockade of the remaining stores in the 26 counties. In Cork, the liquidator of the Debenhams Irish operation, KPMG, had already taken est 40,000 worth of cash the week before and were about to take the rest of the stock. The workers were powerless to stop it; it would have been illegal for them to block trucks from removing the stock. A meeting was called. Realising that if the stock was to get out of stores, there’d be no chance of receiving their agreed redundancy, so they took a vote to to stop the trucks. They demonstrated the power that workers have– these are overwhelmingly women with children and 20+ years in the job, who are risking arrest and an injunction from KPMG, to fight for what they knew was correct and just. They employed democratic centralism, and as a collective, decided it was in their interests as workers to fight for what they deserved, whether it be legal or not.

  • July 18: National day of protest

    We are calling a national day of protest in what has now been a double-edged sword of crisis, with the pandemic on the one edge, and the horrific racist injustices against Black people on the other.

    The fact that we have entered a new era of rebellion unprecedented in the annals of US history is now recognized by the powers that be, as well as the hucksters in the mass media, and all strands of the people’s movement.

  • Staying alive: The crisis in Connecticut

    Our country faces a combined economic and public health crisis of epic proportions. We stand at the edge of a cliff. Not only have measures to contain the virus been inadequate, but the Trump regime has actively sabotaged public health efforts and promoted the resurgence now under way.

  • Release All Political Prisoners on Bail: CPI

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following statement today (on July 13, 2020):

    The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India expresses serious concern over the deteriorating health conditions of several jailed political and human rights activists including Varavara Rao and Dr Saibaba. The unhealthy conditions in the jails and the reluctance of the authorities to provide highly needed medi-care facilities especially under the Covid-19 contagious conditions have worsened the situation. Many of those jailed are facing threat to their lives.

  • The working people condemned the legislative monstrosity to ban protests

    Thousands of working people, youth, self-employed and pensioners protested yesterday (9/7) outside of the Parliament following the call from dozens of unions, Labor Centers, and Federations that rally with PAME, along with mass organizations, all powerfully shouting “this law will not be implemented, no compromise with repression!”

  • Information report on the work of the X Joint Plenum of the CPRF Central Committee and Central Control and Revision Commission

    On July 4, 2020, the Xth Joint Plenum of the CPRF CC and CCRC was held in Moscow. Due to restrictions imposed due to COVID 19 epidemic, the Plenum became an another event of the Central Committee held in format of a videoconference. More than 2,000 participants from all regional branches of the Party, as well as representatives of veteran, women’s, youth and other public associations were connected to the video link. Representatives of mass – media were granted an opportunity to get acquainted with the Plenum decisions. Live broadcast on the Internet was conducted by“Red line”TV channel.