Tuesday, 17. July 2018

Photo: Worker's PartyPhoto: Worker's PartyTwo fire appliances in the ‘Bravo’ division of Dublin Fire Brigade (covering Dolphin’s Barn and Tallaght fire stations) were kept off the road this morning due to staff shortages, reducing the number of fire brigades in the area available to respond to emergency calls by 50%.

This is according to information received by Workers’ Party Dublin City Councillor Éilis Ryan.

CP IrelandThe Communist Party of Ireland welcomes the passing by the Seanad of the Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill, introduced by the independent senator Frances Black. The vote of 25 in favour and 20 against is an important and significant first step in what will be a very tough battle to get it through the Dáil and make it the law of this state. The main opposition to the bill came from the Government party, Fine Gael.

The bill, if it becomes law, would prohibit the importing of goods or services from illegal Zionist settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, which violate the Geneva Conventions.

Éilis Ryan. Photo: Worker's PartyÉilis Ryan. Photo: Worker's PartyWorkers’ Party Councillor Éilis Ryan has said that today’s strikes by both Ryanair pilots and LloydsPharmacy workers are a stark reminder of the poor conditions faced by workers in the private sector.

Cllr. Ryan said:
“It is hugely courageous of these workers to take strike action, which can ultimately lead to gains not just for themselves but across the private sector. Things such as proper trade union recognition, increments, salary scales and sick pay schemes, should be basic rights in twenty-first century Ireland – not things warranting a strike.

The Workers’ Party has welcomed a Seanad vote in favour of a ban on the import of goods originating in illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine.

Speaking following the vote this evening, Cllr. Ted Tynan (Workers’ Party, Cork) said:
“This victory was hard-won, fought for for decades by campaigners for the rights of the Palestinian people. It proves once again that political change can be won by concerted grassroots action. Its been shown time and time again that politicians respond to this pressure.”

Representing 92 Million workers, World Federations of Trade Unions will also be present in the sentencing hearing of the trial the occupational murder in Soma which killed 301 mine workers.

May 13, 2014 marked a black day in the history of our country and working class. 301 miners were massacred in an occupational murder. We will not forgive, nor forget this massacre caused by subcontractor system, privatization, disregard of labour safety and extreme profit ambition.

On Monday July 2nd the company RIVULIS – EURODRIP (which is Israel-owned) laid off two workers, members of the newly founded Union, just 3 days before of the Union elections.

Both workers were members of the newly founded Union, and the one was also a candidate for the Union elections. The reason for the layoffs was that the company wanted to block the Union presence in the workplace and to intimidate the workers before the elections.

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) with more than 92 million members in 126 countries around the world expresses its class solidarity with its members in Greece, the workers in RIVULIS - EURODRIP Company of Israeli Interests. In particular, the company, a few days before the union’s elections, made two intimidating dismissals of class trade unionists, because they dared to be in the front line for the founding of a trade union in the company.

On Thursday 5th of June a delegation of UTS (Senegal) visited PAME. The delegation, consisted of Aliou Ndiaye General Secretary, and Ibrahima Sylla, Mamadou Moustapha Kane, and Magatte Diop. The delegation informed PAME about the condition of workers and the labour movement in Senegal and Africa. PAME informed UTS about the recent developments in Greece and the action of the class-oriented Trade Unions.

Irish Water has come in for fresh criticism, for failing to curtail the use of water for commercial purposes, as the country’s drought worsens.

Speaking on the matter, Cllr. Ted Tynan of the Workers’ Party said:
“Unfortunately, because of successive governments’ failure to invest in proper infrastructure for our public water service, we are faced with a water shortage. The dip in rainfall shouldn’t have nearly as drastic an effect as it is, if we had a modern, efficient system.

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