Nine MEPs* from GUE/NGL are on their way to the Greek island of Lesbos where they will meet with asylum seekers who have been left without shelter after last week’s devastating fire at Moria.

More than 12,000 people were said to be living in Moria at the time of the disaster on 8th September, and all have been left to sleep rough in  the open air.

Although a number of EU member states have announced plans to relocate and take in a number of asylum seekers since the fire, thousands more remain stranded, with the Greek government determined to rehouse them in a new camp.

On Friday 18th, the MEPs will see for the themselves what is left of Moria and will visit the clinic run by Médecins sans frontières, followed by a visit to the...

On Tuesday, September 15, the Regional Trade Union Center of Lesvos, member of PAME, held a big and massive rally demonstration demanding No “Concentration Camps” For the Refugees-Immediate Release of All Refugees and Immigrants from Lesvos!

The President of the Regional Union, ThodorisAslanidis, stated in his speech

“Since last Tuesday, when the fires burned the MoriaRIC, a new human...

Photo: PAMEOn September 12 the class unions of Thessaloniki held a big demonstration under the slogan “We paid a lot-We will not pay again!” to protest the anti-workers policies of the Government. While taking measures of protection for the pandemic, thousands demonstrated with the flags of PAME and WFTU in the first line.

The demonstration was prepared with daily visits to the workplaces and...

During the HELEXPO the forces of PAME organized a symbolic protest by hanging a big banner at the center of Thessaloniki saying: Shut Down the Hell of Moria- Immediate release of all refugees. Let them go to their destinations.


12.9.2020 Γιγαντοπανό ΠΑΜΕ-Κλείστε το κολαστήριο της Μόριας


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)

The beginning of this new school year is very different from the previous ones. This is because the opening of the schoolsstarts without any substantial precaution measures for the protection of children and teachers’ health.It is the responsibility of the Government and the Ministry of Education whodid not take advantage of the period gained from the spring until now, with the decisive attitude...

Stop Now the Prosecution of The Trade Unionists and The Member of The Trade Union of Workers in Private Education in Athens, “Byron”

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, a member of WFTU denounces the employers of the firm “Experiments Museum”, in Athens, Greece. This firm fired a worker, who had protested about the infringement of her working rights, and also sued the President and the...

In the last hours we are witnessing another tragic development in the hunting and torture of the persecuted and uprooted refugees and migrants that the EU and Governments have trapped in Greece for years. The notorious concentration camp-hot spot of Moria at Lesbos island was burned to the ground.

This inhuman time bomb planted by the Greek governments exploded in the ashes of Moria. 13,000...

A statement by MEPs from GUE/NGL, S&D & Greens/EFA on the Civil Liberties committee (LIBE) and Human Rights subcommittee (DROI) in the European Parliament

The escalating situation in Lesvos has, unfortunately, taken an even more horrific turn overnight with a fire that raged through the camp, leaving 13,000 people on the streets with nowhere to go.

Both the asylum seekers and the...

The Central Council of KNE announces the adaptation of the events of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the Festival of KNE-Odigitis will be…different!

Demonstrating a sense of responsibility, the KKE and KNE took, from the very first moment of the pandemic outbreak in our country, all the necessary measures, by adapting our operation and action to...

Teachers, parents and students held militant protests in Athens and many other cities on Tuesday, August 25 demanding that effective measures be taken to protect the health of students and teachers, so that the necessary opening of schools in September is safe.

Main demands are

  • School repairs so as to provide suitable spaces, to ensure the necessary distances in each class and the decisive...

People’s Health Will Not beGambled for the Profits of the Capitalists

We Take Our LivesIn Our Hands

  The return of the pandemic in Greece came as a tragic confirmation of the predictions that the undermining of the health protocols for the profits of the business groups would create huge risks for the life and health of the people.

In these circumstances, the Government is...

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