Thursday, 15. November 2018

In an article in the Socialist Voice issued by the Communist Party of Ireland, Brexit and the political agenda of the Irish labour movement was discussed.

An article by Eugene McCartan in the November issue of Socialist Voice discussed the fracture between the British and European capitalist class and the stance of the working class in Ireland regaring the anti-EU policy. Under the title ‘Brexit and “backstops” – Difficulties for the EU continue to intensify’  the article said, ‘As the time for a final deal between the British state and the European Union draws nearthe British government is attempting to push through its minimalist Brexit strategy so as to secure its “special relationship.”

CP IrelandStatement by the Communist Party of Ireland:

This November is the centenary of the ending of the Imperialist War, 1914–1918, fought between British imperialism and its allies on the one side and German imperialism and its allies on the other. It is believed that more than 10 million soldiers died in the fighting, as well as an estimated 13 million civilians. More than 65 million men from the various empires took part, of whom 5 million were British.

Over the course of the “war to end all wars” Britain lost about 750,000 soldiers—about a ninth of the total—while the number of Irish men who died fighting for the British empire was in the region of 50,000. It is also estimated that 21 million were wounded, of whom 1½ million were British.

Seamus McDonagh

The Workers’ Party has called for the Clerk of Works to be given responsibility and resourcing for all new building inspections in every local authority, in the wake of the nationwide school buildings crisis.

The Workers’ Party is calling on our members and supporters to vote for the best candidate in the field, Michael D. Higgins, in the upcoming Presidential elections on October 26th.

Cllr. Ted Tynan of the Workers’ Party  has deplored the decision by the National Transport Authority (NTA) to privatise yet more routes operated by Bus Éireann and said that instead the NTA itself should be abolished.

Cllr. Tynan said that since its inception the NTA had shown that it was only interested in pursuing an ideologically driven agenda of privatisation.

The Workers’ Party has said that the government’s newly-announced Land Management Agency will copperfasten the role of landlords as providers of housing for those on low incomes.

Speaking in response to this morning’s announcement, Cllr. Éilis Ryan said:
“The Land Management Agency’s strategy of allowing 50-70% of public lands to be used for for-profit housing will copperfasten our dependence on private landlords to accommodate those in need of public housing. Even if the full quota of public housing is delivered on the land in question, it won’t come near to addressing current and future need.

Workers’ Party motion to Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee next Monday will call for garda protocol on how it handles evictions

A Workers’ Party Dublin City Councillor has accused An Garda Síochána of blatant bias in using its resources to police private evictions by private security firms, in the wake of the arrest of several housing activists in Dublin 1 last night (Tuesday).

The Workers’ Party has called for an urgent government response to the latest research, published this week, listing Ireland as the world’s biggest tax haven.

Workers’ Party city councillor Éilis Ryan said:
“A report released yesterday by researchers in the University of California (Berkeley), shows that 50% of the foreign profits of US multinationals were put on the accounting books in countries considered to be tax havens. 18% of all profits were put on the books in Ireland – over double the amount put on the books in any other country.

The Workers’ Party has confirmed that it will be organising protests against the visit of US President Donald Trump during his visit to this country next November.

Workers’ Party Cork City Councillor Ted Tynan said that already, within hours of the announcement that Trump is to pay a brief visit here, there has been a groundswell of anger at the proposed visit and it was clear that that thousands of people would take to the streets to protest against the US President.

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