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The establishment, propped up by virtually every political party from the Green Party to the Labour Party, has created an environment that’s impossible for young people to live in. These socio-economic conditions are stifling our generation, suffocating our lives and stealing away our energies. That is why youth activists are duty bound to mobilize a fightback. But what sort of fightback should we organize? What can we do in such an anti-youth environment and what obstacles should we overcome? In the words of Lenin, what is to be done?

It is with deep sadness and regret that the Workers Party of Ireland announces the death of our esteemed comrade, Sean Garland, a life-long revolutionary, a former General Secretary and Party President and a serving member of the Party’s Central Executive Committee. Although in recent times he had suffered serious problems with his health he remained a source of inspiration and assistance.

“It is with deep sadness and regret that the Workers Party announces the death of Sean Garland, a life-long comrade, a member of the Party’s Central Executive Committee and one of the people who most influenced and shaped the Workers Party over many decades.

Below is an excerpt from the speech given by a CYM delegate at the Youth Communist League’s 49th Congress in Croyden, London, 2018.

Go raibh maith agaibh, mo chomrádaí.

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of Brexit, and let it! Think tanks in a frenzy, bourgeoisie ordering Irish passports, Murdoch press defeated in the game they, themselves, created and more importantly, the workers of the world watching for their own resistance against establishments that have wronged them for so long. It starts with Brussels and ends with the acquisition of all, for all. Any stoppage along the way is a failed solution, an extinguishing of proletarian passions. Corbyn, for all his populism and PR, has failed the workers of Scotland, England and Wales by choosing parliaments over proletarians and so the argument fell on the backs of those lost to most extreme reactionary nationalistic ideas.

In an article in the Socialist Voice issued by the Communist Party of Ireland, Brexit and the political agenda of the Irish labour movement was discussed.

An article by Eugene McCartan in the November issue of Socialist Voice discussed the fracture between the British and European capitalist class and the stance of the working class in Ireland regaring the anti-EU policy. Under the title ‘Brexit and “backstops” – Difficulties for the EU continue to intensify’  the article said, ‘As the time for a final deal between the British state and the European Union draws nearthe British government is attempting to push through its minimalist Brexit strategy so as to secure its “special relationship.”

CP IrelandStatement by the Communist Party of Ireland:

This November is the centenary of the ending of the Imperialist War, 1914–1918, fought between British imperialism and its allies on the one side and German imperialism and its allies on the other. It is believed that more than 10 million soldiers died in the fighting, as well as an estimated 13 million civilians. More than 65 million men from the various empires took part, of whom 5 million were British.

Over the course of the “war to end all wars” Britain lost about 750,000 soldiers—about a ninth of the total—while the number of Irish men who died fighting for the British empire was in the region of 50,000. It is also estimated that 21 million were wounded, of whom 1½ million were British.

Seamus McDonagh

The Workers’ Party has called for the Clerk of Works to be given responsibility and resourcing for all new building inspections in every local authority, in the wake of the nationwide school buildings crisis.

Transcript of speech

Friends, old and new!

My name is Alex, I am a member of the Connolly Youth Movement. As a student of Connolly’s thoughts and writings, a very short yet perfect quote springs to mind:

Governments in capitalist societies are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the rich.

What Connolly meant, simply, was that the State, operated by the same few parties of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour Party benefit only one economic community in Ireland and friends I tell you now, that is not us! It is the banks, the property speculators, the landlords, the vulture funds and the employers who continue to year after year reap the rewards of austerity! For friends what is austerity but the destruction of public services and the movement of wealth from the worker to the exploiter?

To the world, Ireland is portrayed as a free liberal-democratic society. A constitution guarantees rights, establishes democratic mechanisms, and ensures there is fairness, accountability and freedom. One of the cornerstones of a free and democratic society is the separation of institutions and a system of balance and checks. For example, the 1937 Irish Constitution clearly separates the Judiciary (the court system) from the Executive (State) and the Legislature/Oireachtas, with its primary role being to ensure that the latter powers abide by the constitution. The legislature is set apart with the key role of legislating and creating law. It’s the sole body that can do so and as such it’s the body that should reflect the common good and interests of the people. The Executive then enforces and creates the institutions of government that carry out the legislature. Sounds great. Is it?

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