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On Friday, January 26, the Polish parliament approved a controversial law forbidding any mention of participation of the “Polish nation” in crimes committed during the Holocaust.

The law also forbids use of the term “Polish death camp” to describe the compounds where Jews and others were murdered in Nazi-occupied Poland during the Second World War. Anyone who violates the new law, including non-Polish citizens, will be liable to a fine or imprisonment of up to three years.

Despite of mass protests against political persecution of the Communist Party of Poland the Polish authorities continue to pursue anti-communist policy aimed at a total ban of Party’s functioning in the country.

As an action of protest in support of Polish Communists on January 22, 2018 Moscow and St. Petersburg CPRF branches arranged pickets in front of Polish Consulates in the cities.

DSC00442Demonstrating their solidarity with the Communist Party of Poland, and in continuation of the international campaign in support of Polish communists on November 29, 2017 the CPRF Moscow branch arranged a protest in front of the Polish Embassy in Moscow.

Russian communists protested the anti-communist conduct of the Polish government and anti-communist persecution of the CPP members.

comunistaAnti-communist persecution against the Communist Party of Poland continues. On 27th of November the court proceedings will restart. The judicial prosecution based on charges of propagating communist ideology in the »Brzask« newspaper and on the party's website continues for two years. This trial is a part of a campaign made by the government to illegalize the Communist Party of Poland.

Communist Party of Poland condemns extension of the act prohibiting promotion of communism. Novelisation of the law introduced on 22nd of June widens cathalog of objects that are subjected to this act to schools, kindergartens, educational centres and cultural institutions. It also administers removal of the monuments commemorating liberation of Poland from the nazi German occupation by the Red Army and monuments of communist partisans of the People’s Guard and the People’s Army, situated outside cemeteries.

Communist Party of PolandChanges of street names carried out under the “Decommunisation Act” serves the purpose of falsifying History in the interest of the ruling right wing. Historical policy implemented by the state institutions discriminates, on political grounds, anyone associated with communism, regardless of his/her significance or achievements. The list of toponyms that are to be changed is still expanding and includes not only those directly involved in the communist activity.

Photo: World Peace CouncilPhoto: World Peace CouncilThe World Federation of Democratic Youth participated in the Conference organized by the Peace Committee of Poland and by the World Peace Council against NATO and its Summit, held in Warsaw on the 8th July. This action was called under the campaign of the WPC “YES TO PEACE! NO TO NATO!”

WFDY was represented in this Conference by JCP (Portuguese Communist Youth), member of the General Council and Regional Coordinator of the Comission of Europe and North America (CENA) of WFDY.

comunistaThe Communist Party of Greece (KKE) delegation in the European Parliament tabled the following question in relation to the recent anti-communist persecution in Poland: »Recently members and cadres of the CP of Poland were convicted by the regional court of Dąbrowa Górnicza to prison sentences of up to 9 months, many months of ›limited freedom‹ and compulsory social work and also fines, because the dissemination of their ideas through the newspaper ›Brzask‹ and the website www.kompol.org is considered to be an ›offense‹ and a ›crime‹.The court in order to convict them, following the anticommunist positions of the Polish authorities, utilized rotten and groundless accusations regarding ›the public promotion of a totalitarian system‹. This is part of their attempt to cancel and slander the gains of the workers under socialism, the right to work, labour and social rights. The Polish authorities have for some years provocatively banned the communist symbols and now convict the communists, invoking ›democratic values‹.

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