Left MEPs have voted to reject the new European Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen. Reacting following the vote in Strasbourg, GUE/NGL co-president Martin Schirdewan said the incoming Commission will take Europe down the wrong path:

“In recent weeks and months, Ursula von der Leyen’s Commission has promised all sorts to everyone. But there are many contradictions. They talk about more investment but preserve the same old, destructive austerity.”

“By persisting with an austerity agenda, how are member states supposed to invest?”

“As the Left in the European Parliament, we believe another Europe is possible, from the climate emergency to workers’ rights, tax justice to social standards,” he added.

“Our vision of Europe differs from the path down which von der Leyen is taking us.”

“Our group voted against the new Commission today, and we will be holding the incoming administration to account every step of the way for the next five years,” Schirdewan concluded.

Co-president Manon Aubry added:

“Ursula von der Leyen has chosen to ignore clear conflicts of interest, embrace Juncker’s legacy, and defend 20th century neoliberal dogmas of free trade, free competition and austerity.”

“The new Commission’s plan is full of contradictions and fails to address the two emergencies of our time: climate change and the rise of inequalities.”

“The EU has missed a huge opportunity to give the European project a purpose by offering an ambitious Green New Deal – one based on tax justice, social cohesion and common goods.”

“The people and the planet deserve better,” she concluded.


GUE-NGL – European United Left / Nordic Green Left

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