Sunday, 28. May 2017

International Workers DayAS we approach May Day this year, the struggle of workers both within Britain and internationally is clearly intensifying.

Roger Sutton is organiser of the London May Day Organising Committee. For more information visit

With threats to world peace growing, along with the increasing dominance of the economic system with massive multinational companies at its heart, workers are having to fight harder to maintain what has been won in the past. The need for international solidarity between workers is crucial.

The big London May Day this year is seeking to highlight some of the key fights going on by trade unions like the RMT Southern rail dispute, the Unite BA Mixed Fleet dispute, the small but crucially important PCS and Unite battle at the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and the Bectu Picture House fight.

Stop the War CoalitionStop the War condemns the attacks at Westminster today. There can be no justification for the attacks on ordinary people in the street and those working in or providing security in the palace of Westminster. Our thoughts are with all those killed, injured or caught up in the incident.

The police have said that they have designated this as a terrorist attack, and it shares some of the features of other such attacks across Europe recently.

Communist Party of Britain THE world is entering its most dangerous phase since imperialism proclaimed eternal victory over the Soviet Union and socialism in the early 1990s.

People everywhere were promised a New World Order of peace, disarmament, democracy and social justice. Instead, capitalism’s general crisis has reasserted itself in two decades of war, genocide, repression, mass migration, economic and financial crisis, global warming and environmental degradation.
Through Nato and the European Union, imperialism has extended its operations across Europe, much of the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

wftuThe World Federation of Trade Unions salutes the transport workers in the London Underground in their struggle for the satisfaction of their fair demands and congratulates its affiliate, the RMT Britain, for organizing a 5 day strike in Southern Rail.

Communist Party of BritainThe general secretary of Britain’s communists has written to his Labour counterpart to dismiss false reports that the Communist Party is infiltrating the Labour Party. This is the text of his letter:

to: Iain McNicol, General Secretary, Labour Party

Dear Mr McNicol,

According to reports in the Guardian and other media outlets today, Labour Party staff have produced a research paper which links the Communist Party to “entryism” in the Labour Party. In particular, that research paper cites a report made to our party’s Executive Committee which on June 25 declared that “defending the socialist leadership of the Labour Party at all costs” should be a priority for Communists.

The vote on Thursday to leave the European Union is a historic decision. Our country has been a member for 43 years -half the people of this country cannot remember ever not being a member of the European Union.

We are in a new world and now there will be at least two years of discussions and negotiations before we are no longer members.

We must make sure that those negotiations deliver the protections our country needs, working rights and the environments.

Portuguese Communist PartyThe victory of the exit from the European Union in the referendum held in the United Kingdom is an event of tremendous political magnitude for the people of the United Kingdom and also for the peoples of Europe.

It represents a far-reaching change in the process of capitalist integration in Europe and a new threshold of struggle for those who have, for decades, fought against the European Union of big business and the big powers, and for a Europe of the workers and the peoples.

Communist Party of GreeceThe result of Britain's referendum demonstrates the increasing discontent of the working class and popular forces towards the EU and its anti-people policies. However these forces must disentangle themselves from the choices of sections and political forces of the bourgeoisie and acquire radical and anti-capitalist characteristics. The result records the dissipation of the expectations, which had been fostered by all the bourgeois parties-in Greece as well-together with the EU's mechanisms that the peoples could allegedly be prosperous inside the framework of the EU.

Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party of Britain

The referendum result represents a huge and potentially disorientating blow to the ruling capitalist class in Britain, its hired politicians and its imperialist allies in the EU, the USA, IMF and NATO.

The people have spoken and popular sovereignty now demands that the Westminster Parliament accepts and implements their decision. The left must now redouble its efforts to turn this referendum result into a defeat for the whole EU-IMF-NATO axis.

But it is clear that the Cameron-Osborne government has lost the confidence of the electorate and cannot be trusted with the responsibility of negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union. It should resign forthwith.

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