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The Federations, the Regional Trade Unions and the Trade Unions that are in PAME, had a militant rally on 17 October against the anti-workers measures of the government that hits wages, worker and insurance rights and want to put a stop in trade unions actions.

Under the slogan “Hands Off from Trade Unions! We demand modern working conditions and wages, a life with rights” , we continue the fight το inform workers in every sector and every workplace, we strengthen  the massive resistance current against the anti-workers attack of the government and the business groups.  

With the speech of Dimitris Koutsoumbas, GS of the of the CC of KKE, the events of the 45th KNE Festival and the "Odigitis" magazine culminated on Saturday 21/9. Below is listed the full speech by D. Koutsoumbas.

“Friends and Comrades,

For yet another year, the KNE-Odigitis Festival completes its journey across Greece tonight!

It was in early summer of 1975, when the idea of organizing something important was born.

The events of the 45th Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and its newspaper - “Odigitis” are continuing all over Greece.

The 45th Festival KNE-Odigitis is taking place in all the cities of the country, with a rich artistic, cultural and political program.n 13/9 at the KNE Festival site in Thessaloniki, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke where he referred to the dead-end of the capitalist mode of production, the sharpening of the intra-imperialist rivalries, the involvement of Greece in them, such as with the aggressive moves of the Turkish bourgeois class, adding: “The imperialist system is becoming more and more reactionary and dangerous and its supporters, the government and the bourgeois parties in Greece are have been irreparably exposed. They defend a barbaric system that has stained its hands and is staining its hands with the blood of the peoples, in order to get richer, for the monopolies to amass fortunes and become increasingly more aggressive.

The Tourism giant «Thomas Cook», which manages, among others, hotels in Rhodes and Crete, has gone bankrupt, leaving tens of thousands of workers without a job worldwide.

This is a development that proves once again that working rights are crashed by the competitiveness of monopolies in every industry, from which neither tourists who overpay their holidays and leisure can escape.

Thousands of workers took part in today’s strike and strike rallies in all cities of Greece against the anti-workers’ measures of the government.

 From the central  strike rally in Athens, the militant Greek trade unions expressed their solidarity with the workers of France, who suffer the same attack on their working rights and lives and who also were on strike on the same day.

In PAME’s strike rally in Thessaloniki, the Serbian trade union SLOGA spoke and expressed the solidarity of Serbian workers with the struggle of Greek workers.

The class unions of Greece responded  to the call of PAME and thousands demonstrated on September 17 against the anti-trade union attack of the new Government of Greece.

The new Government of ND, using the anti-trade union legislation of the SYRIZA Government, wants to impose electronic registry for all union members, thus giving the employers, the police and the state the information of all militants and union members. Also they want to abolish the collective procedures of the unions, by imposing e-voting for all union decisions.

The first massive, united, class response was given by thousands of workers, unemployed, self-employed, young workers, pensioners and women at Thessaloniki with the rally of PAME during the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair, on Saturday, September 7, with the slogan:

«Class, Massive, Unifying Struggle for Contemporary Conditions of Work and Pay – For Life With Rights.»

The demonstration sent a massive, militant response to the anti-workers’ government-EU-capital attack and responded to the ND government’s plans to crack down on the trade union movement.

Intervention of Kostas Papadakis on the anti-communist prosecutions in Poland and Ukraine.

According to the press release that the Group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the European Parliament issued on July 25, Kostas Papadakis, MEP of the KKE, made an intervention on the anti-communist prosecutions in Poland and Ukraine in a debate with Commissioner Vĕra Jourová in the European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee. Papadakis denounced the Commissioner's unacceptable answers to the relevant questions of the Group of the KKE in the EP and EU's hypocritical interest in “human rights”.

Image: KKEImage: KKEEarly general elections were held in Greece on 7 July 2019, in which the Communist Party of Greece received 300,000 votes and 5.3%, with the re-election of 15 MPs to the Greek Parliament. This result was achieved in conditions of the change of the correlation of forces amongst the bourgeois parties, a generalized trend towards increasing conservatism, blackmail, disillusionment that had been sowed by the anti-people political line of the "left" SYRIZA government.

The conservative party of ND came first with 39.8% and popular discontent was expressed towards the SYRIZA government, which received 31.5%.

KINAL, the continuation of old social-democracy in Greece, entered the new parliament with 8.1%, the nationalist-racist party "Greek Solution" with 3.7% and the other social-democratic party MERA25 with 3.4% also entered parliament. In contrast, 16 parties did not pass the election threshold of 3%, including the criminal fascist organization of Golden Dawn whose vote shrunk significantly to 2.9%.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) held a massive rally in Athens for the elections of July 7. According to the Party, the huge rally held in Syntagma Square sent "a clear and decisive message of militant resurgence and optimism for the battle being waged up until the last moment before the elections July 7th to strengthen the KKE." The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, noted, "Every next government of anti-people management will be the same and worse than the previous one. This is because it builds upon the anti-people framework that is already in place and reinforces it. Within this new anti-popular scenario, there is one and only one issue. The need for the KKE to be strong so we can fight even more powerfully, more decisively within the Parliament but also in the labor unions, the workplaces, the neighborhoods, the schools and universities. To struggle for what we need, for that which the people create but also that which is robbed from us by a series of reactionary laws that are in place and will continue to be so."

Contribution of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) in the 15th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the CC of KNE, we would like to thank the   Communist  Youth of Austria for hosting the 15th Meeting of  European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO), for the first time in Austria, as well as its overall contribution to our common cause.

We thank the Communist Youth Organisations of Europe for stably supporting the fight that the KKE and KNE are giving in Greece against the anti-people’s policy of the social-democratic government of SYRIZA, against the bourgeois class and the imperialist associations.

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