Tuesday, 22. May 2018

A massive protest was organized by Nakliyat-İş and Birleşik Metal Metal İş at US Embassy in Istanbul on 16th May 2018. A lot of workers from the two unions gathered in Sarıyer and started their march to the Embassy of United States of America.

Interview with Kemal Okuyan, the GS of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), on the recent developments in Turkey and the region.

Ta Nea newspaper of Greece interviewed Kemal Okuyan, the GS of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) on the latest developments in Turkey and the region. Okuyan noted that the decision of snap polls was based on several reasons like the rising economic crisis in Turkey, the impasse in Syria and increase in the struggle between bourgeois parties.

See the full interview below:

PAME expresses its support and solidarity with the Trade Unions and the workers who participated in the rallies and demonstrations in Turkey on Workers May Day 2018.

Once again, the Government of Turkey sent the police and assaulted the workers on the international day of the working class. In particular, we denounce the violent arrest of the Nakliyat-İş International Department, comrade İlhami Danacı and the President of the Toley-Is Aegean Department, comrade Fahri Kaya.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, gathering in its ranks more than 92 million workers in 126 countries all over the world, expresses its support and solidarity to the trade unionists of Nakliyat-İş Union and other workers that participated in rallies and demonstrations in Turkey on the 1st of May 2018.

SDAJ LogoStatement of solidarity by the Communist Youth of Switzerland / Jeunes POP Suisse and the Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ)

We, the Communist Youth of Switzerland / JeunesPOP Suisse and the Socialist German Workers‘ Youth (SDAJ), present our militant solidarity and support to the arrested students and the revolutionary students who are organizing for the freedom of their comrades. We condemn the repeated repression of democratic, socialist and communist youth by the Turkish government!

TKP and KKE released a comprehensive joint announcement in April, that was published in Rizospastis and soL news portal. The announcement covers several issues among which are the revelation of the competitions within the imperialist system, the denouncement of interventions of imperialism and war in the Middle East, including the trilateral attack of US, UK and France on Syria together with the support of NATO and the EU, anti-people policies of both countries' bourgeois governments, the Kurdish issue and the Cyprus issue. The announcement finalizes with a call to the peoples of both countries and the region to strengthen the struggle against the exploitative capitalist-imperialist system and to strengthen the efforts for the class unity of the working class.

The Central Committee (CC) of Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has released a statement following the call of President Erdoğan to hold early elections in Turkey on June 24.

TKP has made a statement entitled ‘This social order will be toppled down - People have a choice’ following the call of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for early presidential and parliamentary elections on June 24, 2018, after his meeting with the leader of the fascist National Movement Party (MHP). This party is expected to form an alliance with Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the upcoming elections. Both elections had initially been scheduled for November 2019.

Organised fascist attacks against communist students are intensified with the menaces pronounced by Turkish President Erdoğan.

Affiliated with the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) since February has been carrying out many rallies, press releases, theoretical discussions and other activities within the framework of its anti-imperialist campaign against NATO.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) called people to defend the right to vote in face of the last changes in regulations of the electoral system that turn elections into a show.

According to the soL news portal, TKP called on the people "to defend right to vote" noting that the elections in Turkey has been turned into a show and said "We will not leave our right to vote to the mercy of Erdoğan and his Supreme Electoral Council. TKP will do its part to raise the people."

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