APPEAL of the 21st IMCWP

20 October 2019, İzmir

 The 21 st International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties has taken place once again in Turkey after four years, this time in İzmir, under the mutual responsibility of the KKE and the TKP. The 137 participants representing 74 parties from 58 countries, express their comradely gratitude to both parties for undertaking this responsibility. 

This year is the 100 th anniversary of the founding of the Comintern. We witnessed numerous situations that prove to us again and again the importance of solidarity and joint struggles of communist parties and the importance of the union of the revolutionary efforts for the overcoming of capitalism as a destructive world system with no future. 

Millions of people all over the world see their rights denied and are experiencing a worsening of problems- poverty, unemployment, refugees and migration; all of which are the results of an historically outdated social system. The sharpening of the class contradictions and the intra-imperialist rivalries are a result of development, based on the criteria of profit for the monopolies and exploitation.  

The labor-capital contradiction is deepening along with the exploitative oppressive and aggressive character of capitalism and it is the working classes which shoulder the burden, as always.  

Competition, war zones and tensions are on the rise, as a consequence of mperialist aggression. The increasing military actions, aggressions, destabilization operations, sanctions and blockades are promoted by the imperialist powers, with the protagonists being the USA, and other powerful capitalist forces of the EU. NATO's pressure on member states to increase their military expenditure, increased spending on nuclear arms and space research for military purposes, plans to establish a “European army”, military exercises and training, are not aimed at creating security and peace in the world but to promote the interests of monopolies and to impose imperialist domination on the peoples of the world. 

Nature is plundered for the greed of profit of the monopolies, including the recent destruction of Amazonia in the interests of capitalism. Millions of people cannot find clean potable water; one third of the people are deprived of basic hygienic facilities; natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes turn into scourges with serious social and environmental consequences.  

The appropriation of scientific and technical advances by capital carries a destructive potential instead of serving the progress of humanity. The immense possibilities created by the advancement of science and technology for solving the grave problems of humanity can only be utilized for the benefit of the people under the rule of the working class. As well as being the sole solution, socialism is a vital necessity against this environmental onslaught. 

Despite the difficulties, the labor – popular forces are reacting against the attack of capital. Strikes and other labor struggles are developing, as is the people's resistance to occupation and imperialist threats and interventions and the struggles to defend democratic rights.

The developments in the Asia Pacific region are alarming. Using the existing disputes and conflicts among the countries on various issues, the US and other countries are trying to destabilize the peace and stability of this region. Situation demands united efforts of the people to act together to overcome the present situation through peaceful means by respecting the sovereign rights of all countries and international laws.

The IMCWP particularly notes the hostility of US imperialism and its allies in the Persian Gulf that are creating a very dangerous situation about the peoples of the region and the world, and we fully condemn the threats against Iran. Under these conditions, it is necessary to strengthen internationalist solidarity between the communist parties and class-oriented labor organizations, social, popular and progressive movements, movements of poor peasants and agricultural workers, which have the responsibility to lead the resistance and the struggles of the working people.

The participants particularly expressed their solidarity with the peoples of Turkey and Greece and the communists of the two countries who are struggling under complex conditions as the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region is threatening peace. The escalating tensions between Turkey and several other countries in the region, particularly the intervention in the EEZ of Cyprus in violation of International Law over the right to pursue energy resources in the Mediterranean could turn into a military conflict - which could affect not only the peoples of the region but also a much wider sphere. The Communist and Workers' parties will strive to fulfil their duty to protect peace in the region, to strengthen the common action and friendship of the peoples against capitalist exploitation in every country and the interests of the monopolies and imperialist forces.


The 21 st IMCWP directs a CALL for convergent and joint actions and solidarity:


The Communist and Workers’ Parties that participated at the 21st International Communist and Workers’ Parties Meeting sincerely express our gratitude to all our comrades who helped to organize this event. Finally, we salute all the communist parties that are to commemorate the 100 th anniversaries of their founding.  

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live revolution and socialism!


International Communist Press

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