20 | 09 | 2019

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) made a statement on the train crash on December 13 indicating to the push of greedy capitalists instead of a planned construction. 

9 people died and 86 were wounded in a train crash in the capital city Ankara on December 13. As details of the event that was recorded as the 11th deadly train crash during the AKP government have emerged, negligence behind the crash has been revealed. 

Under the leadership of Nakliyat-İş Union, Uyum-Makro Market Workers, who have been struggling for their extorted severance allowances, have concluded their great struggle with a big victory!

As we informed the class organizations and public step by step, Migros had bought 73 Uyum-Market stores that belonged to Makro Market for 105 million TL. In this process, 1500 workers were transferred to Migros and immediately after the acquisition; they were fired without getting their severance allowances. After the sale of the Uyum Market stores, Makro Market announced a bankrupt, conducted some meetings with its claimants and made some payment schedules. However, they did nothing when it came to the payment of the workers!

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) condemns the Turkish government’s imprisonment of Max Zirngast, an Austrian socialist, journalist, and student. Zirngast — who has written for a variety of publications, including the American socialist magazine Jacobin — was arrested on September 11 by Turkish anti-terror police at his apartment in Ankara along with three other activists. He is still being detained.

Communist Party of Turkey initiates a network for solidarity, communication and struggle against the crisis and its profiteers, with the participation of resisting workers.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) last week declared the initiation of a solidarity, communication and struggle network against the crisis and its profiteers, the capitalists. According to the news portal soL,  TKP declared that it would welcome those who wish to have access to this network at its buildings, clubhouses and representative agencies. 'We will join our forces', said the declaration, 'We will not bow down to the bosses. We will clamp down on the exploiters. Those who suppose that workers are all alone should know that we will breathe down bosses’ neck.'

On behalf of the European Regional Office of WFTU we express our solidarity and we demand the immediate release of Ozgur Karabulut, President of Progressive Union of Construction workers in Turkey and all imprisoned workers protesting against slave labour and inhuman conditions in the Istanbul new airport construction.

The 2018 Conference of the Communist Party of Turkey convened under the theme “To the Workers!”, declared its support for the strike of the workers at İstanbul's new airport construction site. 

The CC of the TKP issued a statement announcing the completion of its 2018 Conference under the theme “To the Workers”. Following several weeks of organisational work, the Conference convened on 15th of September in Izmir, finalizing the restructuring of the Party according to its revolutionary missions. The delegation of the Conference saluted the concurrent strike of the construction workers of İstanbul's new airport that had just broke out with the participation of TKP members. In its statement on the Conference, the CC of the TKP thanked all the fraternal parties for their messages of solidarity and support, published on the website of TKP.  The TKP will soon declare a political roadmap for the upcoming period, as well as the outcome of the Conference.

Dear Comrades,

The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm comradely greetings to the Communist Party of Turkey on the occasion of its Conference on the 15th-16th September 2018 in Izmir under the theme “To the Workers” and sends its congratulations and best wishes to the TKP, the oldest party in Turkey, on the occasion of its 98th anniversary.

The Communist Party of Turkey issued a message celebrating the 98th foundation anniversary of the Party as it convenes the Conference titled 'To the Working People!'

The CC of the Communist Party of Turkey issued a message celebrating the 98th foundation anniversary of the Party on 10 September. The message titled ,'The hope lies in the party which is both the oldest and the youngest' illustrated the conditions in which the Party was founded during the days of Anatolia's occupation by imperialist powers and the resistance of the people including the revolutionary endeavor of communists.

Nakliyat-İş organized a protest action against EURODRIP-RVULIS Company in Turkey which violates the basic union rights in several parts of the world.

Representing 92 Million workers, World Federations of Trade Unions will also be present in the sentencing hearing of the trial the occupational murder in Soma which killed 301 mine workers.

May 13, 2014 marked a black day in the history of our country and working class. 301 miners were massacred in an occupational murder. We will not forgive, nor forget this massacre caused by subcontractor system, privatization, disregard of labour safety and extreme profit ambition.

tkpThis country will never bow down

As we have always emphasized, disorganized people chasing after myths created around certain figures is nothing but people left helpless.

On June 24, having been trailed behind a false hope, millions of people in Turkey were left high and dry once again. However, the notion that Turkey is now finished is ridiculous as much as the fairy tale telling that Turkey would be out of the woods simply by pursuing an unscrupulous alternative that approves all evils of the established order is unfounded. Everybody should know that Turkey will not yield to darkness.

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