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Communist PartyWe reject getting used to massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders.
We reject putting up with a government that always tries to present massacres, bomb attacks, and political murders as ordinary events.
We reject keeping silent against a government that interferes in other countries’ internal affairs, that instigates terrorists to attack those lands, and that backs those same terrorists in the name of “sacred values” in its own country.

World Federation of Trade UnionsThe World Federation of Trade Unions extends its condolences to the working class and the people of Turkey in the eve of the tragic events in the International Airport of Istanbul that took place on June 28th, 2016. The WFTU denounces such acts and the culprits of such acts.

World Federation of Trade UnionsThe World Federation of Trade Unions addresses the international public opinion and the workers of the world and denounces the presence of NATO forces in the Aegean Sea, allegedly responding to the waves of refugees traveling towards Europe.

The imperialist intervention of the USA, the NATO and the EU, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf Monarchies against the people of Syria and other peoples of the region has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people and has forced millions to become refugees and live in poverty. This imperialist intervention has now become even deeper and this activity is the reason for the millions of refugees and displaced people.

World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the new murdering attack that took place in the city centre of Istanbul. Τhe attack caused the death of 5 people and dozens are injured. This is the second attack within few days that took place in Turkey, while the last one took place 6 days ago in the city of Ankara and caused the death of 37 people.

The imperialist action of Turkey which is ruled by the government of AKP is actually driving the country in a chaotic situation creating to the people a daily fear. The World Federation of Democratic Youth has clarified a lot of times that the root of the problem is found in the imperialist plans and actions. The action of Turkey in the Middle East has to do with the forwarding of the imperialist plans and benefits, on the same time that it enjoys the support of NATO and the EU.

The government is responsible for the bloodshed

The bomb attack in Ankara, in which students, workers, many innocent citizens lost their lives, is an attack to all of us, all the mankind.

The culprits are trying to make our people get used to bomb attacks, violence, terror and chaos. Turkey is being tried to be brought to an ungovernable status. They are trying to terrify the people and make them stay away from politics. They are trying to intimidate the people and thus overcome ungovernableness by intervention of a "super" force. They are trying to legitimise alternatives like a coup d'etat or imperialist intervention.

Communist PartyYesterday, sunday, at 18:45 local time, a car bomb exploded in the Kızılay district of Ankara. The officials say at least 27 were dead and 75 were wounded. This is the third attack in Ankara killing more than 150 people in total since last October. The Communist Party (KP) released a statement a couple of hours after the bomb attack.

For the last eight days, we have been making every effort to have our dead and seriously wounded citizens who are trapped in the basement of an apartment building in Cizre—among them many dead and seriously wounded—transferred to hospital. Our efforts to clear what that is being called the “basement of savagery” (vahşet bodrumu) have continued again today without interruption from 7 am until 3 pm.

The medical teams and the municipality ambulance waiting ready at the Cizre municipality set out at around 09:30 am this morning for the building where the wounded are, after the required assurances were granted by the Crisis Coordination Desk formed under the coordination of the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Health. At our request, Ministry of Health ambulances joined the municipality ambulance on the way to the building. We became aware that the ambulances and the medical teams would only have permission to approach to a point around 150-200 meters away from the exit through which they could carry the wounded and the bodies of the dead. As the ambulances were on route, we maintained uninterrupted phone connections with both the Crisis Coordination Desk and with the wounded in the basement.

World Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) strongly condemns the terrorist bombing attack that occurred in Istanbul yesterday. So far, no terrorist organization has taken the responsibility, although the effect of death and terror imparted to ordinary citizens, shifts the importance of this aggression to another level. It is now a worldwide phenomenon, that within imperialism the obscurantist violence and the terrorist attacks are materials that enhances the brutal and aggressive policy of the imperialists and the governments that serves them.

Communist PartyNo doubt that the government will once again step up and declare that "they were right" after this incident. We will not let this happen! The AKP government has blood on its hands, and will pay for it!

Communist Party, TurkeyCommunist Party, TurkeyWe cannot let the death to taken for granted. Turkey had discussed the massacre of 1 May 1977 for 40 years. It had to discuss, question and refuse to get used to it.

Maraş, Çorum, Sivas... Roboski, Suruç... When one starts adding three dots or the clause “et catera”, the death becomes ordinary. They accustom us to massacres and bloodshed.

A society that keeps the massacre in 1977 in the agenda for years is for sure healthier. They target the health of the society through bloodshed. In order to let it be all the more blindfolded and paralyzed...

Free Workers UnionFree Workers UnionThe German anarcho-syndicalist trade union FAU issued a statement on the massacre in Ankara:

A peace demonstration under the motto "Work, Peace and Democracy" organized by unions on 10 October 2015 in Ankara, Turkey, was attacked killing at least 128 people and injuring over 200, many seriously. The union federation FAU (Free Workers' Union) is appalled by this cowardly attack on the labor and peace movement.

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