20 | 09 | 2019

Turkish trade unions call for a two-day general strike. Foto: DISKFollowing the terrorist attack against the »Labour, Peace and Democracy Rally« in Ankara, the Turkish labour movement called for mourning of three days and a general strike of two days. In a joint statement of the Confederation of Progressive Labor Unions (DISK), the Public Workers Labor Unions Confederation (KESK), the Chamber of Engineers and Architects and the Medical Association of Turkey (TTB) expressed their outrage and declared they have agreed upon a general strike against the government and for peace. The call stressed: »To protest the fascist massacre and to commemorate the death of our friends we are now in mourning for three days. The general strike is on October 12 and 13.«

HDPTo the International Community:

Today, on October 10, a bomb attacked took place at the rally in Ankara which was organized by democratic NGOs including KESK, DISK, TMMOB and TTB and which HDP had strongly supported. The rally was organized against war and AKP’s hostile and violent policies; thus hundreds of people around Turkey gathered to claim peace and put pressure on the government to end the war which has been conducted for over two months.

Emek PartisiToday a ‘Peace Demonstration’ organised by four big trade unions in Ankara targeted by two bomb attacks. Two bombs went off within the masses converging on the demonstration square at 10 am this morning near Ankara Railway Station.
According to government figures the death toll stands at 86 and 186 people were wounded.

9 of our Party members, including a member of our Central Committee are dead and 30 of our comrades are injured.

World Federation of Democratic YouthWorld Federation of Democratic YouthThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) condemns the murderous attack that took place at the city of Suruc in Turkey. The attack resulted the death of at least 28 peoples and more than a 100 injured, with the majority of them being students.

The said murderous attack took place at a cultural centre of the city during a demonstration that was organised against the decision of the government to prohibit the participation of a group of young people at the reconstruction of Kobani – Ain Arab which is under the attack of the ISIS. The same ISIS that is supported by the Turkish government to attack the city and it was funded, armed and supported by the USA, EU and their allies against the freedom, sovereignty, and unity of the Syrian people. As well as the possibility of developing a modulatory political choice.

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