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  • High Court to Far-Right Gov’t: Refund Deposits to Asylum Seekers

    Joint List IsraelThe High Court of Justice struck down on Thursday, April 23, the 2017 “Deposit Law” requiring employers to deduct 20% from the salaries of refugees and asylum seekers and deposit these funds in a special personalized account that they can only access if and when they leave the country. The justices deemed the law illegal and said that, while providing economic incentives is a legitimate immigration policy, stripping asylum seekers of a fifth of their salaries constitutes “clear, tangible and significant damage to the property rights of workers,” whose salaries are already meager.


  • Health Workers Outraged after Pay Docked for Their Quarantine Time

    redglobeNurses and doctors are furious that they are losing money from paychecks if they encounter the coronavirus in the line of duty and end up having to self-quarantine. Thousands of health professionals saw a decrease in their latest salary payments, because time spent in compulsory quarantine after coming into contact with an infected person was treated as sick days, which are accounted at a reduced rate of pay.

    Anger reached a new high after Ephraim Malkin, a senior Finance Ministry official, called health workers’ demands for full pay when quarantined “excessive and unbalanced” in a meeting last Monday, April 20, of the Knesset’s Special Committee on Welfare and Labor Affairs.


  • Hadash MK Odeh Calls for a Broad Jewish-Arab Front for Peace and Democracy

    Thousands of “Black Flag” protestors, among them Hadash and Communist Party of Israel activists, gathered on Sunday evening, April 19, in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to demonstrate against the far-right government. The anti-Netanyahu protest was the most political in nature of the several led by grassroots movement over the past month since COVID-19 restrictions have been in place. Several thousand more participated in virtual versions of the rally on Facebook and Zoom, due to coronavirus fears.


  • 4 Galilee Arab Towns on Lockdown Due to Spike in Coronavirus Cases

    Residents of four Arab villages in the Galilee in northern Israel were instructed by the Ministry of Health to stay at home due to a spike in the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the area, the Communist daily Al-Ittihad reported on Thursday, April 16. Police and volunteers were called to the area in an attempt to contain the spread of the infection and mitigate the conditions of people who have contracted the disease.


  • WFTU on the Day of Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

    On the occasion of 17th of April, the Palestinian Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli jails, the World Federation of Trade Unions once more extends its unwavering support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters and reiterates the demand of immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners from the Israeli jails.

    Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails continue to be subject to extensive violations of their rights and dignity. Around 5.000 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons and detention centers, including 183 children and over 400 held under administrative detention, a form of detention without charge or trial that Israel uses to hold Palestinians indefinitely on claims of secret information.


  • Israel Closes Palestinian COVID-19 Testing Clinic in East Jerusalem

    redglobeIsraeli police raided a coronavirus testing clinic in the occupied East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan and arrested its organizers on Tuesday night, April 14, because the clinic was being run in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

    According to the clinic’s managers, there is a shortage of coronavirus tests in Silwan, where doctors said on Monday, April 14, that 40 cases of the disease had already been confirmed and where overcrowded living conditions could lead to a rapid spread of the virus. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan warned that the incidence of infection is indeed on the rise and that by Tuesday, April 15 there were at least 45 confirmed cases of the virus, while the number of patients in the East Jerusalem neighborhood had been 19 early Sunday morning. Palestinian Deputy Governor of occupied Jerusalem Abdallah Siam announced that Silwan recorded nine new coronavirus cases on Monday, April 14, alone, a dangerous indicator about the rapid spread of the disease in a neighborhood that now faces the virus alone following the closure there of the PA supported clinic by Israel, as they are not receiving any help from the occupation authorities.


  • Hadash Demands Full Refund of Asylum Seekers’ Monies on Deposit

    The far-right Israeli government is holding up approval of a bill intended to benefit asylum seekers during the coronavirus crisis by allowing them to withdraw a portion of their monies on deposit with the state.

    It is estimated that more than half the estimated 36,000 asylum seekers in Israel have lost their jobs during the coronavirus crisis and they have almost no financial safety net for purchasing food and paying rent. Based on well-placed sources, Haaretz has reported that the delay in approving the law is the result of pressure from far-right organizations and racists who advocate deportation, as well as fear among senior politicians of being depicted as supporting asylum seekers.


  • Jobless Rate in Israel up to 26.1%

    Israel’s unemployment rate reached 26.1% after 6,693 new job seekers registered with the state’s Employment Service on Monday, April 13, a daily increase of nearly a thousand more new applicants for unemployment benefits compared to the 5,713 workers who reported themselves out of work on Tuesday, April 7, the last working day before the Passover holiday. These latest figures bring the current total number of registered unemployed in Israel to 1,085,461.


  • MK Odeh Demands Gov’t Provide the Public with Free Face Masks

    Joint List IsraelThe public in Israel must wear face masks out of doors beginning today, Sunday, April 12, under new Health Ministry directives approved by the government last Tuesday. Drastic shortages in laboratory materials necessary for testing for COVID-19 led the far-right government to require citizens to wear face masks when leaving home, even though the World Health Organization has questioned the efficacy of such a policy.


  • Annexation Move Set for July after Netanyahu & Gantz Complete Deal

    Israel’s annexation of all Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank as well as the territory it designates as the Jordan Valley (about 30% of the West Bank) will move forward as early as July, according to the coalition agreement that was completed between far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience party on Monday night, April 6. Under the agreement, Netanyahu would be able to put the plan for annexation to a vote in the cabinet if he receives a green light from the Trump administration.


  • Activists Protest at Gantz’s Home, Call on Him to Oppose Annexation

    Activists from Peace Now and the Black Flag movement conducted separate protests outside the home of Israel Resilience party head Benny Gantz on Friday, April 3, calling on him to block efforts by the far-right Netanyahu government he’s slated to join to annex all Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.


  • Israel Must Remove Restrictions to Ensure Food Security in Gaza Strip

    While countries across the globe grapple with the severe economic repercussions of measures taken to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gaza’s economy has, for years, teetered on the brink of collapse, primarily as a result of the closure imposed by Israel since 2007.


  • Without Crucial Safety Inspectors, Construction Sites Go Unmonitored

    With 70 percent of Labor and Social Services Ministry’s building safety inspectors sent home to isolation, tens of thousands of construction workers, mostly Palestinians from the occupied territories, continue to work at construction sites with no reduction in workload and without a supervisory body ensuring compliance with Health Ministry regulations.

    Even under normal conditions, Israel suffers from a tremendous shortage of construction site inspectors, a fact that contributes significantly to the country’s extremely high rate of workplace accidents involving scores of fatalities and serious injuries every year.


  • Mobile Coronavirus Testing Clinic Launched for Forsaken Arab Towns

    Following protests from Arab lawmakers and other public figures, a mobile clinic for testing for the highly contagious coronavirus began its rounds in the Arab town of Arara in the Northern Triangle region on Monday, March 30, to complement facilities in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheba.


  • Official Statement of Trade Unions Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia (OSCMS)

    Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia (OSČMS) joins fully its voices to the international solidarity with Palestinian people fighting for their own Palestinian state, for living in dignity, and against Israeli’s unilateral violating of the agreements. We’re sorry that Czech Republic has stood up on the side of those countries violating those agreements. It has never been possible to establish lasting peace by force, through the law of survival of the fittest; and, also, it’s impossible to use that way to reach equal international deals as well as to fulfil the UN Security Council’s Resolutions.


  • Demonstrations Continue against the Far-Right “Unity Government”

    redglobeHundreds of demonstrators belonging to the “Black Flag” movement drove on Saturday, March 28, to the homes of several MKs from Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience party to protest his unanticipated decision Thursday, March 26, to join a far-right “unity government” under racist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A unity deal between the racist Likud and Israel Resilience is currently in its advanced stages of negotiations between Netanyahu and Gantz.


  • Amid Corona Crisis, Settler Attacks Proliferate in Occupied West Bank

    Amidst the increasing Coronavirus crisis and the imposed isolation shutdowns, during the last week alone settlers have attacked Palestinians and their property in the Occupied West Bank on numerous occasions. On Saturday, March 28, for the second consecutive day, settlers attacked the village of Al-Tuwani, south of the city of Hebron in the West Bank, according to a local source. Fo’ad Amour, a local rights activist, told the Palestinian news agency Wafa that settlers from the nearby illegal settlement of Havat Ma’on attacked the village, pelting stones at shepherds and other civilians in the full view of Israeli soldiers who did nothing to stop the attack.


  • On Land Day, we reaffirm our commitment to Palestinian self-determination

    As Palestinians mark Land Day, to protest Israel’s continuing theft of Palestinian land and the systematic discrimination against its Arab citizens and attacks on the Palestinian people, the chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Palestine, Manu Pineda (Izquierda Unida, Spain), has issued the following message of solidarity:

    “When Palestinians protested mass confiscations of their land in Galilee in 1976, which resulted in Israel killing six young people, they were calling for equality and recognition. Forty-four years later, they have received neither. There are currently more than 65 Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinian Arab citizens in Israel, and Palestinian residents of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The recent approval of Israel’s Nation State Law came to cement this apartheid and the second-class status of Palestinians.


  • Coronavirus Restrictions Lead to a Rise in Domestic Violence in Israel

    frauenpowerWith more and more citizens of Israel forced to stay at home with their families 24/7, there has been a dramatic and worrying rise in the number of reported cases of domestic violence. During February, there was a 5% increase in the number of reported cases of domestic abuse compared to the same month last year. For March, when the regulations restricting the leaving of the home were introduced, authorities are expecting that increase to rise even more.

    Women’s organizations throughout the country reported a steep rise in reports of domestic abuse in 2019, with 13 women being murdered in acts of domestic violence during that twelve-month period.


  • WFTU denounces the crimes against Palestinian workers in Israel's labor market

    The World Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of its 100 million members who live and struggle in 132 countries around the globe, expresses its internationalist solidarity with our brothers and sisters Palestinian workers, who face the danger of COVID-19 Pandemic and the attacks against their lives and working rights by the State of Israel and employers.


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