On May 16, 2020, teachers from the city of Dohuk, located in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, called for a strike. They complained that their wages had not been paid for several months. Before the demonstration even started, Badal Bardawi, a teacher activist and organizer of the rally, was arrested by the security forces. The demonstration gathered around 200 people, mainly teachers joined by a few other public servants sharing their demands, and was dispersed by the riot police. A hundred people were arrested, including eight journalists who covered the event. 15 of the detainees were still detained on May 17, only being released after paying a heavy bond pending their trial, even though they are in financial...

The Kurdish people are considered the largest population in the world without a State. They are about 40 million, mainly concentrated in a territory called Kurdistan, located in areas of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, in the Middle East. Most Kurds live in Turkish and Iranian areas, while around 2 million live elsewhere, mainly in Europe.

Since January, Afrin, a Syrian city in the border...

Kobani solidarity demonstration in Berlin, 2014. Foto: Montecruz Foto / flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)YPG General Command has released a statement denouncing attack by the Turkish army against positions of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Free Syria Army (FSA). According to the statement, the Turkish Army shelled the YPG and FSA positions in the village of Zormikhar in front of the ISIS-occupied town Jarabulus – using heavy tank fire at 4:30 July 24 in western Kobani. In this...

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