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Special interview with Omar El Deeb from the Lebanese Communist Party.

The uprising that started last week and still continuing in Lebanon developed during the 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. ICP made an interview with Omar El Deeb, member of the Political Bureau responsible for International Relations of the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP), on the events and political evaluations of the LCP. The interview took place on the last day of the meeting, on the 20th of October, hours before the call of the LCP for a general strike and declaration of demands.

How did the uprising occur and what is the current situation?

The current uprising in Lebanon has not occurred just because of the recent developments. There was an accumulation of events that led to a social explosion in Lebanese society. We’ve been suffering for 30 years from strong neoliberal policies enforced by our government. Policies that are based on growth, based on debts, such as borrowing money from banks, from international institutions to make infrastructure and other investments. All the government policies are oriented to support the banking sector, real estate and tourism. But our productive sectors, industry, agriculture has been greatly neglected by our government. So basically they set a system based on consumption, based on borrowing money from abroad with no real production inside our country.

Russian FederationTurkeyPresident of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President of The Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin agreed on the following points:

1. The two sides reiterate their commitment to the preservation of the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria and the protection of national security of Turkey.

2. They emphasize their determination to combat terrorism in all forms and manifestations and to disrupt separatist agendas in the Syrian territory.

3. In this framework, the established status quo in the current Operation Peace Spring area covering Tel Abyad and Ras Al Ayn with a depth of 32 km will be preserved.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, ladies and gentlemen,

We thank the President of Turkey for accepting our offer made during a recent telephone conversation, and today he and representatives of his delegation arrived in Sochi to discuss the developments in the Syrian Arab Republic, including in the northeast, beyond the Euphrates.

Mr Erdogan gave a detailed explanation of the goals of the Turkish military operation along the Syrian border. We have noted many times that we understand Turkey’s desire to take measures that would guarantee its national security.

We share Turkey’s concerns about the growing threat of terrorism and ethnic and religious disputes in that region. We believe these disputes and separatist sentiments have been fueled artificially from the outside.

This week will see the renewal of protests against police neglect of crime in the Arab community. At 5pm today, Tuesday, a protest will take place opposite police headquarters in Nazareth, one of a number of planned demonstrations that have been approved by the High Arab Monitoring Committee. Last week, several thousands of persons demonstrated in protests held throughout the country.

The Monitoring Committee’s legal team also intends filing an official complaint against the state of Israel with the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international organizations, including the OECD.

wfdy 148During the last days we have been observing the massive demonstrations that occurred in #Lebanon while the government of the country chose to respond with violence and repression.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth salutes the masses of demonstrators, their steadfastness and courage which led to an escalation in the popular confrontation. A confrontation which reflects the will the people of Lebanon and its movements to reject the all the actions against the interest of the people, to reject all the policies who ask from the #youth and #students of Lebanon, to pay the price of this system’s corruption, antipopular policies and dependency.

The Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) issued a series of declarations regarding the recent uprising, saluting the masses and encouraging its confrontation with the government. The statement issued on 19 October by the Political Bureau of the LCP said, “It is a national uprising throughout the country from the north to the south, passing through the mountains, Beirut and the Bekaa, bypassing sectarian divisions and sectarian affiliations and upholding its rights and demands.” The LCP condemned the attacks and arrests carried out by militias adding that there have been shooting from the bodyguards of some politicians. It expressed that the uprising is “the ideal form to commemorate the party celebrations on the occasion of the ninety-fifth anniversary of its foundation”.

At least two Palestinians were shot and wounded by rubber-coated steel bullets and dozens of others suffered varying degrees of injury from the inhalation of tear gas on Thursday, October 17, as Israeli occupation forces violently quelled a peaceful demonstration in the town of Turmus Ayya, north of Ramallah in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, a Wafa news agency correspondent reported.

Palestinians left the village en masse and were met by Israeli soldiers, who fired teargas and rubber bullets in an effort to disperse the procession, said a spokeswoman for Yesh Din, Sharona Weiss, who attended the demonstration. Weiss said dozens of settlers arrived at the scene and began hurling stones at the Palestinians.

Masked men from the settlement of Yitzhar in the Occupied Palestinian Territories wielding metal rods and stones attacked volunteers from Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), a human rights organization based in Israel, while they were picking olives alongside Palestinian farmers in the West Bank village of Burin on Wednesday, October 16. According to a spokesperson for the organization, settlers set fire to the olive groves, causing a blaze that spread rapidly and burned for hours.

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) strongly condemns the continuing aggression and military invasion led by Turkey against Syria, which has led to hundreds of dead civilians and new waves of uprooted persons.

We also reject the position of the International Organizations which did not condemn this new aggression against the People of Syria, verifying that their concern about the human rights and civilians’ protection is hypocritical.

Israel’s extrajudicial execution of nine human rights defenders attempting to break the illegal siege of Gaza in 2010 sealed Manu Pineda’s involvement in the movement for Palestinian liberation.

Pineda, an MEP for Spain’s Izquierda Unida elected in the last European elections, was moved to join the efforts to break Israel’s blockade. But in 2011, at Israel’s behest, the Greek government impounded the 14-boat flotilla he was sailing in.

Eventually making it to Gaza through Egypt, Pineda witnessed two large-scale Israeli military assaults on the tiny strip during the subsequent three years he was there.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in the central city of Ramle on Tuesday, October 15, to demonstrate against violence in the country’s Arab-Palestinian communities, calling for greater police enforcement to clamp down on crime. Since the beginning of the year, 75 members of these communities have been murdered.

The protesters marched from the al-Omri Mosque to Ramle’s police station, holding aloft signs and chanting slogans against Israel’s law enforcement authorities and condemning what they say is the police’s inaction in addressing the spate of criminal violence within the Arab towns and villages in Israel. Joint List chair, MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash), told demonstrators that the community’s protest “will continue until quiet is returned to the streets and the crime organizations are defeated. If we don’t keep on counting arrests and demonstrations, we will have to keep on counting deaths and funerals.”

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