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Published on May 24th, 2017 by In Defence of Marxism

Jorge Martin, secretary of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign, gives an eyewitness report of the current turbulent events in Venezuela, where violent anti-government opposition riots and protests - supported by the oligarchs, imperialists, and right-wing media - are attempting to overthrow the democratically elected Maduro government.

Jorge answers the lies and distortions of the biased media and explains the real interests that lie behind these reactionary demonstrations. Most importantly, Jorge analyses the reasons behind the economic crisis in Venezuela and explains why the Bolivarian revolution has stalled.

(This talk was filmed at a meeting organised by the Marxist Student Federation and the Hands Off Venezuela campaign, which was interrupted by aggressive Venezuelan oppositionists, who attempted to sabotage and shut down the meeting through threats, shouting, and intimidation. This demonstrates the real reactionary, anti-democratic nature of the Venezuelan opposition, which is seeking to dismantle all the conquests of the Bolivarian revolution.)

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