02 | 04 | 2020
  • Virus crisis requires global, people-oriented solutions

    The coronavirus pandemic has precipitated one of the biggest crises in the United States in a century. It is a health-care, economic, and political crisis. The numbers of reported cases here have quickly surpassed other countries, and the crisis is still in its early stages. Staying at home, in order to flatten the curve, has become a national imperative.


  • President Maduro denounces serious US action against Venezuela in letter addressed to world leaders

    The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, sent this Monday a communication to more than 100 leaders and social movements in the world, through which he denounces the serious events that are taking place against peace and stability of the Latin American country from the United States.


  • Letter from President Nicolás Maduro to world leaders

    Caracas, March 29, 2020

    To world leaders

    In greeting you, with affection, I take liberty of addressing you on the occasion of denouncing the severe events taking place against the peace and stability of Venezuela, at a time when the concern of the States and Governments should be focused on the protection of the life and health of their citizens, due to the acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • US maritime unions playing essential role in the Covid-19 fight

    As the United States is grappling with a surge of COVID-19 cases, US maritime unions are on the frontlines aiding the government’s efforts to combat the spread of the virus.

    Last week, the government activated its two military hospital ships, the USNS Mercy and the USNS Comfort, which will be docked in Los Angeles and New York City. 


  • Communiqué to Reject U.S. Imperialism's Criminal Actions against the People of Venezuela

    The Committee for International Solidarity and the Struggle for Peace (COSI) expresses its strongest condemnation and repudiation of the criminal action that US imperialism has been applying against Venezuela, especially in recent days in the context of the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, which already affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.


  • Bolivarian Government stands in solidarity with the US people before the spread of Covid-19

    “From here we stand in solidarity with the people of the United States who have become the epicenter of this terrible pandemic and that undoubtedly places our continent at an epidemiological and fatal risk”.

    This was stated by the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, who demonstrated the solidarity of the National Government towards the American people in the presence of this pandemic.


  • Governments of Russia, Iran and Argentina condemn US actions against Venezuela for being in violation of international law

    Following Washington’s interventionist announcement, in which a reward of up to $ 15 million for information leading to the arrest of President Nicolás Maduro, and another of up to $ 10 million for three other Venezuelan officials is offered for their “alleged link with an illegal drug trafficking plot”, spokesmen for the Iranian and Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, expressed their rejection and condemned the intervention of the United States government in the internal affairs of other countries, by time that called for the cessation of the imposition of unilateral coercive measures against the Venezuelan people.


  • US wild west policy against Venezuela condemned

    die linkePress release by Heike Hänsel

    “While coronavirus infection numbers are skyrocketing in the United States, the US government is trying to divert attention by placing a bounty on Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro, an unprecedented act worldwide. This absurd wild west policy must be condemned by the Federal Government,” explains Heike Hänsel, deputy chairwoman of the DIE LINKE Parliamentary Group.


  • WFTU denounces the new USA ploy against Venezuela

    The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing 100 million workers who live and work in 130 countries around the world, denounces to the international community the new trick of the United States government that, through shameless lies, as expressed by its Department of Justice, creates false accusations about alleged links of the legitimate Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro and other top state officials with drug trafficking.


  • The US outsources its operations for the assassination of Nicolás Maduro

    In the midst of Venezuela’s fight against Covid-19, the Trump Administration has taken a dramatic and unprecedented step in criminal maneuvers seeking to overthrow the Venezuelan government. It’s official: The United States opts for the outsourced route of armed violence, relying on a court case without evidence.


  • Foreign Affairs Minister Arreaza rejects Colombia’s statement

    MPPREMinister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza described a statement by Colombia’s foreign affairs ministry on the US Attorney General’s announcement as an action carried out by a miserable, subdued narco-government associated with the United States.


  • The struggle of our lives: Coronavirus and capitalist crisis

    In a new and dangerous twist to the coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump is now calling for an end to social distancing, perhaps as early as Easter. His goal is to restart the economy and avoid the worst impact of the coming recession.

    Can you imagine: Trump in the crudest and most callous possible way is attempting to solve the crisis on the backs of our working class and people. It wasn’t enough that the administration ignored each and every warning from the scientific community and called it a hoax and a scam. It wasn’t enough that they are using the crisis to turn immigrants back at the border and bust unions.


  • United States threatens the region’s public health

    The United States (USA) has become the country most affected by Covid-19 after confirming 83,116 cases and 1,197 deaths. Previously the USA it was in third place in terms of spread of the virus, after China (81,782 cases) and Italy (80,539).


  • Venezuela warns of new coup method orchestrated in the US

    The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejected the baseless and vulgar accusations made this Thursday by the US administration against President Nicolás Maduro and other high-ranking officials of the Venezuelan State, who try to minimize the high recognition that the South American country has in the fight against drug trafficking.


  • World Peace Council Statement of condemnation of the decision of USA against Venezuela

    The World Peace Council condemns strongly the decision of the US Attorney General, on behalf of the US administration, to announce criminal charges against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and other high ranking officials with the pretext of their alleged involvement in international drug trafficking.

    The US General Attorney threatens to designate the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as “a state sponsoring terrorism”. This decision of the US-administration constitutes not only a further escalation in the provocations, coercive measures and interference against a sovereign country, it proves also the cynical and arrogant approach of the USA, which is using the critical times of the pandemic of COVID 19 worldwide, to impose new additional sanctions on the country and its people.


  • Response to COVID-19 crisis: Ideology makes a difference

    The economic and political structure of capitalism requires “an ideology, a consciousness, a way in which the citizenry can be taught to accept the system as it is. This ideology has many branches but one root, the maintenance and enhancement of the capitalist economic system. The elements of the dominant political ideology include: privileging individualism over community; conceptualizing society as a brutal state of nature controlled only by countervailing force; acceptance of the idea that humans are at base greedy; and, finally, the belief that the avariciousness of human nature requires police force and laws at home and armies overseas” (Harry Targ, Heartland Radical).

    The Cuban Alternative

    The March 21–22 webinar “International Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations” presented panelists who discussed the status of United States/Cuban relations, the contemporary Cuban economy, US and Canadian solidarity movements with Cuba, and the consequences of Cuban medical advances for the fight against the corona virus domestically and internationally.


  • President Maduro: Lifting of sanctions imposed by the U.S. must be a national outcry

    The lifting of sanctions imposed by the U.S. administration must be a national outcry, said the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro on Tuesday as he joined the Venezuelan people in prayer for the country amid the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The Venezuelan president referred to the U.S. blockade as he said that “the European Union delivered positives statements on this matter.”


  • Scientists demand U.S. to lift sanctions against Venezuela

    In a statement, researchers from Venezuela’s science centers demand Donald Trump’s government to lift “the “criminals and inhuman” unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela amid COVID-19 pandemic.

    Full statement:

    Today, capitalism is showing its most perverse face as a neoliberal system that decides who lives and who does not in the midst of a global health crisis worsened by the COVID-19 outbreak. The mercantilist decision of sentencing to death and deprive senior citizens of their human rights confirms the real urgency and need to say that it is enough of the violence and oppression of a model of civilization that destroys life and has caused a global crisis.


  • U.S. insists on air blockade and denies more than 800 Venezuelans humanitarian flights

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela complained on Tuesday, March 24, that the U.S. government refuses to authorize direct humanitarian flights from Venezuela to the Unites States to bring back more than 800 Venezuelan citizens stranded in that country due to contingency measures adopted to prevent the propagation of COVID-19.

    “We denounce that the US insists on its air blockade against Venezuela and still refuses to authorize direct humanitarian flights of Conviasa Airline or other lines, to bring back more than 800 compatriots stranded in the U.S. and registered in the system of our Foreign Affairs Ministry,” Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza posted on his Tweeter account @jaarreaza on Tuesday.


  • President Maduro: The US is trying to create new spots of violence and destabilization in Venezuela

    “A new plan for destabilization, violence and a coup against Venezuela is being developed from the United States”, denounced this Sunday the constitutional president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, from the Miraflores Palace.

    The National President stressed that leaders of the Venezuelan extreme right participate in said plan, inciting from the social networks and the media to a bloody coup d’état in Venezuela, because in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the American empire underestimates the will of the people to protect their sovereignty.


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